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The CRM is encouraging applications to the Juan de la Cierva 2021 postdoctoral call funded by the Spanish Agency of Research and Innovation 

to join one of the following hosting groups:

  • ​The Cancer Modelling Group (CMG), led by ICREA Prof. Tomás Alarcón, aims to propose new models of cancer relevant to experimental biologists and clinicians and develop the analytical and computational tools necessary for their analysis. ​
​Such models analyse multiscale and stochastic biological processes, i.e. coupling of multiple different processes characterised by widely-ranging time and length scales, from dynamics of gene regulatory networks to tissue-scale phenomena invoving thousands of cells, with the global behaviour of the system emerging from the complex interactions between them, and accounting as well for noise. 

​Projects could be focused on tumour-induced angiogenesis, mathematical modelling of immunotherapy, and mathematical modelling of large-scale transitions in chromatin structure, particularly as they pertain to cancer and ageing.​

  • Non-Linear Dynamics and Evolution Laboratory (NODE) led by Dr Josep Sardanyés; Projects could be in the area of theoretical ecology, with focus on functional shifts involving changes in species relations (e.g., from competition to cooperation or predation) due to behavioural or environmental changes. This project will be addressed using dynamical systems theory and computational biology. Programming experience in C/C++ is needed.
  • Complex Systems group, coordinated by Alvaro Corral, focuses on two major lines of research: one, natural disasters and meteorological phenomena, resulting from the complex activity of the Earth’s system, and the other, the structure of the information in human communication, produced by the areas of the brain responsible for this and the relationship between the speakers.

Interested candidates should send their updated CV and three references to the Group Leader before 31st December 2020 and they will be informed if they are selected as applicants by 7th January 2021. 

Note: official information is only available in Spanish

For inquiries about the requirements of the call, please address to the Group Leader with cc to​