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OS-Policy Guidelines at CRM (click to open)

CRM complies with the policy of having open publications – Open Science

1. CRM Open Access Policy will be mandatory, in the sense that the periodical reviews of the IPs/research groups must undergo as staff of a CERCA institute, will not take into account peer-reviewed papers that are not made available through green/gold open access

2. The institutional CRM open access policy will be “green”, using a repository of choice. A Data Manager, member of the CRM Admin staff, will be responsible for the regular uploading of the CRM´s scientific output. The repository of choice is the RECERCAT repository, managed by the CSUC (admin login and password available to CRM Editorial Team). However, this does not rule out that CRM researchers can use other additional green open-access routes such as arxiv, or publish in gold open-access routes, but the institute will not provide specific support for them., neither will they be mandatory.

3. The peer-reviewed papers will be submitted by the IP / Group Leader in every case to the Data Manager in their final version as well as a pre-print. They will be uploaded into RECERCAT as soon as the publisher allows the author/institution to proceed in this sense, and using the version allowed by the publisher as well. The embargo for the diverse journals determines when the peer-reviewed journals can be accessible, as well as the exact type of format (pre-print, pdf, etc) that can be uploaded into the repository. This can be checked simply using the SHERPA database:|&mode=simple . Entering the name of the journal, SHERPA returns the publishers´ policies in each case.

Our open access e-prints are available via Recercat

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