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Accommodation for CRM visitors is provided by Vila Universitària at Bellaterra.

How to Reach the CRM

Coming by Train

If you arrive in Barcelona by train, you will probably arrive at “Sants” station. From Sants, you can take a local train or a metro to Plaça Catalunya, and continue as above (step 2).

From Plaça Catalunya there are two train services to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC): This is our recommended choice to go to the CRM, Vila Universitària or Hotel Campus. Check the timetable and other details by clicking here. You will need to take the “Vallès” line. The downtown station in Barcelona is “Plaça Catalunya”. The closest station to the CRM is “Universitat Autònoma”, and the closest station to Vila Universitària and Hotel Campus is “Bellaterra”. If your lodging is arranged in Sant Cugat and you are going there straight away, stop at “Sant Cugat” train station. From the “Bellaterra” train station there is a 5-10 minute walk until the CRM. Note that you will need to buy a one-zone ticket.

If coming from the AEROBUS note that you will need to cross the Plaça Catalunya to the opposite side. The FGC Plaça Catalunya station is located in the corner between Plaça Catalunya and carrer Pelai (in front of the Zurich cafè).

 RENFE: Check the timetable and other details by clicking here. Your destination is “Cerdanyola-Universitat”. There is a free bus service that takes you from this train station to Campus. Ask the bus driver for the nearest stop to “Facultat de Ciències”.

Note that the two different train lines leave from and arrive to entirely separate stations underneath Plaça Catalunya or at the UAB Campus. Hence, if you arrive from the airport by the RENFE train and wish to go on to the CRM by FGC, then you will need to leave the station, cross the square towards La Rambla (corner of Plaça Catalunya and carrer Pelai), and look for  signs. If you wish to take a RENFE train to the UAB, then you will not even need to change platforms, but you will be further off from the CRM at your arrival in the UAB campus. One ticket costs 2.40 €, although you can buy a 10-journey ticket, called T-Casual, for 11.35 €, if you plan to make several trips to Barcelona. Please check the carrier for updated information on prices.

There is also a night bus from Plaça Catalunya to Bellaterra (Vila Universitària), from 1:00 to 4:00. Click here to see a timetable.

From the Barcelona Airport (El Prat)

There are different ways to get to Bellaterra (where the CRM, Vila Universitària and Hotel Campus are located) from the El Prat airport. Below you will find our suggested way but you can also Click here for general information about transportation from and to the airport. 

This is our choice:

Aerobus: Blue buses leave from outside the terminal buildings (both T1 and T2) and take you downtown Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya, in front of a department store called El Corte Inglés). Ride time will depend on the time of the day but, traffic permitting it is about a 30-45 minutes ride (allow extra time when taking it during rush-hours: 7 to 9 am and 5 to 7 pm). One way ticket costs 5,90€ and two-ways 10,20€ (will be good for up to 15 days after purchase). You can buy the tickets inside the bus or on-line (​​).

Click here for information on AEROBUS timetables:​​

Taxi: If you arrive after hours or carrying heavy luggage, you can take a taxi. If we are covering your expenses, remember to ask for a receipt in order to have a proof of your payment. From the airport to Plaça Catalunya it may take around 20-30 minutes and cost around 20 €, depending on traffic. From the airport to the CRM it may take around 35-45 minutes and cost around 50 €.

RENFE: You can reach downtown Barcelona by train from terminal T2. You can see more information in the next section.

From the Girona Airport

The Girona airport is 103 km (64.2 miles) North East of Barcelona or at about 1 hour 20 minutes by train from downtown Barcelona. There is no public transportation connecting the Girona airport to Bellaterra (where the CRM is located). The connection has to be made through the city of Barcelona. Click here for information on how to reach downtown Barcelona. If you take the bus to Barcelona, it will leave you near the “Arc de Triomf” metro station. From there, take Line 1 to “Plaça Catalunya” and follow step 2 above.

Coming by Car

The UAB Campus is located near the A7 (E15) motorway. Coming from the North, take the A7 (E15) motorway direction Tarragona. After Km 147, switch to E9 (also B30) at the point signposted “Universitat Autònoma”, but then stay on the B30, ignoring the next three exits to Sabadell. Finally, take the exit marked “Universitat Autònoma”.

Coming from the South, take the motorway A7 (E15) direction Girona and France, switch to B30 (E9) near the Hospital General de Catalunya, until you reach the exit named “Universitat Autònoma”, that leads you to the bridge over the A7 to the Campus.

Note : If you need further information on our location or directions, please contact us or go to 
Google Earth (41º 30′ 1.15″ N, 2º 6′ 1.49″ E).

Further Information

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