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One of the cornerstones of the CRM, explicitly stated in its statutes, is the transfer of the research carried out within the center. It is considered important to disseminate both the knowledge obtained and the methodologies used, seeking to maximize their social impact. To this end, the CRM works together with other research institutions, companies, and industries. The Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU) is the main link for companies and industries with the CRM to foster collaborations. In particular, the KTU develops ad hoc research to solve challenges with social impact, in which designed mathematical solutions are developed, either for original projects of the center or focused on the challenges posed by other institutions. This research takes benefit from the synergy of the KTU with the research groups in the center.

The actions involved in putting knowledge to practical use is a major concern for the CRM, the CERCA institutions and their researchers. There are many opportunities to apply CRM research findings in society and participate in its development. The KTU identifies viable results, connects researchers with companies, and offers consulting services.

Because we are at CRM, the KTU:

  •  Knows (mainly) mathematical tools and, moreover, collaborates with people that know cutting-edge mathematical tools that can be transferred to practical challenges.
  •  We are not “blind” developers: before developing a software, we have a look and mince the problem.

To tackle the industrial and applied research challenges we:

  • Take advantage of being a mathematical hub.
  • Conduct practical research.
  • Act as a training unit.