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Complex Fluids Lab

The CRM Complex Fluids Lab is a service and experimental research unit. This unit is a joint venture between the Computational & Mathematical Biology and Industrial Mathematics groups, and the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Unit.

The goal is to provide researchers with experimental facilities that allow to step up the research of these groups, providing the necessary tools to incorporate the experimental branch into the field of complex fluids.The scientific goal of this research unit is the study of the mechanical properties of fluids subjected to different dynamics, both by means of physical and mathematical models and by means of data analysis.

The Complex Fluids Lab has been set up in collaboration with the group of Dynamics of Interfaces in Nanotechnology, Fluidics and Biophysics of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, led by Prof. Aurora Hernández-Machado, scientific collaborator of the CRM.

The main progress of the lab during 2019, has been the analysis and the set up of the facilities in order to offer a service of experimentation and analysis of fluids to other research groups.

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