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Welcome to the CRM website, our gateway to explain who we are and what we do. I just want to point out two aspects.

First, the CRM is a generalist centre in Mathematics. Research in mathematics means creating new mathematical knowledge. Mathematics is the language of the scientific method and technology, and as such is an essential tool for the progress of mankind and a basic part of all educational schemes. Thus, numerous interfaces with many scientific fields have expanded in recent years, and it will become increasingly necessary to incorporate mathematicians to research groups. New mathematics are developed, both at the interfaces and within the more traditional areas. At CRM, as you will see, we promote mathematical research globally understood, with several specific instruments.

Secondly, the CRM is an umbrella institution which seeks complementarity with all Catalan universities. The CRM acts as a transversal instrument, bringing cohesion and serving as a catalyst to the catalan mathematical community, to which it provides service in many ways. By doing so, the CRM has an international visibility as a service centre, a typology that has a tradition worldwide in Mathematics.

If you are interested in mathematical research, you will surely find something useful here. I take this opportunity to invite you to send your comments to the CRM contact address (

With best wishes,

Lluis Alsedà