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Born to identify viable results, connect researchers with companies and offer consulting services.

KTT CRM Consulting Service




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Parallel to its teaching and research activities, the CRM, being a public funding institution, has a third goal intersected from its other activities to serve society. Turning the research conducted by the CRM research groups into services or products available to citizens and companies.

The Knowledge and Technology transfer Unit (KTT) aims to spreading research, knowledge and know-how developed at the CRM to the private sector. We provide expert mathematical consultancy to enterprises to help them in their production process and promote partnerships between CRM and non-academic institutions to develop competitive projects funded by third parties. We offer training courses and other specific services. We organize technology meetings in specific areas to promote cooperation outside academia.

The actions involved in putting knowledge to practical use is a major concern for the CRM, the CERCA institutions and their researchers. There are many opportunities to apply CRM research findings in society and participate in its development. The CRM KTT Unit identifies viable results, connects researchers with companies, and offers consulting services.

Isabel Serra Mochales
Technology Transfer Manager