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Advanced Courses ┃ Conferences ┃ Workshops


The CRM aims to maintain a yearly series of Advanced Courses at postgraduate or doctoral level, focusing on recent developments in any area of mathematics or in other disciplines where high-level mathematical methods are used.

Events in this series will normally have a duration of one week and will consist of up to five series of lectures of 8 to 10 hours each on well-defined subtopics, given by leading experts in the field. Lectures may be complemented with practical training sessions, discussion of exercises or research problems, and other activities.



The CRM welcomes proposals to host conferences and workshops. Conferences are thought to assemble from 50 and 100 participants. Typically, a conference runs from Monday morning through Friday afternoon, with a break on Wednesday afternoon.

The scientific programme consists of invited talks and contributed talks by the participants as decided by the scientific committee. Poster sessions can be organized too.

Workshops are thought of as more informal meetings for smaller audiences, with variable length.

BIMR 2024 - Barcelona Introduction to Mathematical Research
Advanced course / School -
From July 01, 2024 to July 26, 2024
EMBO Practical Course: Barcelona Summer School on Advanced Modeling of Behavior (BAMB 2024)
Advanced course / School -
From July 16, 2024 to July 25, 2024
Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Learning Theory- 20 years later
Conference -
From September 09, 2024 to September 13, 2024
Math SOMMa Junior Meeting
Workshop -
From October 02, 2024 to October 04, 2024
Γ-convergence: a 50 years long story
BGSMath Course -
From November 05, 2024 to December 05, 2024
Advanced Couse Threshold phenomena in random structures
Advanced course / School -
From December 09, 2024 to December 20, 2024