Governing Board

Description and Composition

The Governing Board, the highest level of decision and management of the CRM, is responsible for overseeing the centre’s activity. It’s also responsible of electing a Director to serve for a period of four years. 

The CRM Director

The current Director of the CRM is professor Lluís Alsedà, who was reelected unanimously for the period from 2020 to 2024 in the meeting of the Governing Board on July 2020. The director, the assistant director, represented by the principal investigator professor Tomás Alarcón, the manager and one representative of the researchers compose the Executive Commission of the CRM, which meets regularly to discuss routine or urgent affairs. The representative of the researchers is Alvaro Corral.

The board consists of:

The president
who is the Minister of Economy and Knowledge, or his delegate.

The vice president,
who is the president of the IEC, or his delegate.

Three representatives from the Generalitat of de Catalunya.

Two representatives from the IEC.

One representative from the UAB.

The Director of CRM,
who participates with a voice but not a vote.

Professor Manuel Castellet, who had been director of the CRM since its creation in 1984, was nominated Honorary Director by the Governing Board in 2007.