Researchers of the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA-UAB) and the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) have come together to promote collaborations amongst them. Pictures by: Isabel Lopera, ICTA-UAB Communication Officer

On the 23rd of May in the morning, around 20 researchers gathered in ICTA-UAB’s Sala Antoni Rossell for an informal meeting to create synergies.

After a welcome given by the directors, researchers from both centers, previously selected with shared research interests, presented their work in two series of short talks. In the presentation sessions researchers gained a general awareness of what kind of projects were going on in the neighbouring center and during the coffee breaks they were able to engage in deeper discussions.

ICTA-UAB is a multidisciplinary center that promotes research in environmental sciences and aims to improve our understanding of global environmental change, and the nature and causes of environmental problems. CRM is a center specialized in mathematical research in all mathematical areas with a focus on its applications and social impact. Some of the topics covered were climate change forecast and adaptation, urban mobility and green infrastructures. Work from both centers is highly complementary and teher are many opportunities to help in each other’s research. Next step will be a second Joint Workshop in which possible collaborations will be explored further.

The CRM participates in the SEIO 2022

The CRM participates in the SEIO 2022

The SEIO 2022 took place in Granada, Spain from the 7th to the 10th of June.From June 7 to June 10, the SEIO 22 took place in Granada. It was the 39th Spanish Conference on Statistics and Operations Research and particularly, the first one to be held in person since...

The Maria de Maeztu’s Kick-Off Meeting: a day of celebration and work

The Maria de Maeztu’s Kick-Off Meeting: a day of celebration and work

Last Friday 22nd of April, the Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence Accreditation was presented on an open ceremony in the CRM. The ‘Severo Ochoa’ and ‘Maria de Maeztu’ Excellence Centers and Units program aims to recognize public research organizations, in any scientific field, that stand out for the relevance and international impact of their research.

.@evamirandag ha fet un "ordinador d'aigua" teòric que segueix els postulats de la màquina de Turing.
Ho explica i ho debat amb @acorralcrm en el quart programa de #SistemaGaia, el podeu sentir aquí, i també llegir la transcripció sencera:

👉 Una breu semblança de les medalles fields 🎖️d'aquest ICM2022, James Maynard, Hugo Duminil-Copin, June Huh i Maryna Viazovska (segona vegada que una d'elles s'atorga a una matemàtica) i el Premi Abacus, Mark Braverman: 🎓

El congrés GLADS 22 del @CRMatematica, que se celebra des d’ahir i fins dissabte a l’IEC, reuneix investigadors sèniors i joves que estudien temes relacionats amb els sistemes dinàmics per presentar els últims avenços en aquesta àrea i promoure la interacció entre investigadors.

Noemí Ruiz, Alexandra Masó i Alexandra Samper del #TecnoCampus van presentar en el #CITAD7 el projecte d’#InnovacióEducativa "Creando Recorridos de Estudio e Investigación para la Formación de Profesorado Universitario en Ciencias Sociales: Dispositivo ProfessorLab Marketing".

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