Researchers of the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA-UAB) and the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) have come together to promote collaborations amongst them. Pictures by: Isabel Lopera, ICTA-UAB Communication Officer

On the 23rd of May in the morning, around 20 researchers gathered in ICTA-UAB’s Sala Antoni Rossell for an informal meeting to create synergies.

After a welcome given by the directors, researchers from both centers, previously selected with shared research interests, presented their work in two series of short talks. In the presentation sessions researchers gained a general awareness of what kind of projects were going on in the neighbouring center and during the coffee breaks they were able to engage in deeper discussions.

ICTA-UAB is a multidisciplinary center that promotes research in environmental sciences and aims to improve our understanding of global environmental change, and the nature and causes of environmental problems. CRM is a center specialized in mathematical research in all mathematical areas with a focus on its applications and social impact. Some of the topics covered were climate change forecast and adaptation, urban mobility and green infrastructures. Work from both centers is highly complementary and teher are many opportunities to help in each other’s research. Next step will be a second Joint Workshop in which possible collaborations will be explored further.

The CRM has Welcomed Several New People to its Staff

The CRM has Welcomed Several New People to its Staff

6 new people have joined the CRM in several capacities during the last two months.In February and March we have welcomed several new people that have joined the CRM to work both at the research support team and the CRM research staff....

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Us presentem una conferència de "ᴍᴀᴛᴇᴍàᴛɪǫᴜᴇs ᴘᴇʀ ғᴇʀ ɢᴏʟs". El proper dimecres 3 de maig us esperem a la seu de l'@iec amb Étienne Ghys (@ENSdeLyon), autor de "La petite histoire du ballon de foot".
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👂Nou podcast sobre #donesiciència de la sèrie de l'@iec 'Pioneres del coneixement".

Dedicat a la matemàtica #PilarBayer, especialista en teoria de nombres.

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@molano_mazon @CRMatematica @twitemp1 Thank you very much Manuel @molano_mazon
for a very interesting, interdisciplinary talk on #neuroscience and #AI.


Next on #CitAI_seminars @molano_mazon, at @CRMatematica, will talk about "Recurrent networks endowed with structural priors explain suboptimal animal behavior"
Wed, 29-03-2023 (Zoom; 16:00 GMT).
Interested in attending? Please DM
@twitemp1 or @Cit_AI1

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