The SEIO 2022 took place in Granada, Spain from the 7th to the 10th of June.

From June 7 to June 10, the SEIO 22 took place in Granada. It was the 39th Spanish Conference on Statistics and Operations Research and particularly, the first one to be held in person since the pandemic outbreak in 2020. During those days, the Spanish Mathematics Network Math-In organized sessions dedicated to dealing with applications of mathematics in industry in which the CRM participated with the aim of presenting its experience in this field.

The session began with an introduction by Lluís Alsedà, director of the CRM, in which he placed special emphasis on the importance of transferring knowledge from a research center like the CRM as well as the difficulties that must be faced today.

After that, it was the turn of Abel Valverde, member of the Industrial Mathematics group, who presented a model to describe the process of adsorbing contaminants using a packed column.

Abel Valverde at the SEIO 2022.

The second one was Tomás Alarcón from the Cancer Modelling Lab group explaining a methodology to study the non-linear rheology of blood in microchannels based. This is the theoretical basis of a patent of a portable device for the analysis of blood being developed by Rheo Diagnostics.

Tomás Alarcón at the SEIO 2022.

Finally, Miquel Barcelona from the Knowledge Transfer Unit, presented the project developed in collaboration with  the company Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona to study the feasibility of the deployment of a Bus on-demand service in Barcelona.

The CRM values very positively its participation in this congress and wishes that the collaboration between industry and research continues to have an interest and a place in this conferences.

Information from: Miquel Barcelona Poza.

Call for applications: CRM Director

Call for applications: CRM Director

The Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) is a CERCA institute created in 1984 by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Its remit is to be a resource of excellence in mathematical research and training at international level. Its specific aims are: 1....

Un nou projecte internacional investigarà el paper dels receptors d’acetilcolina en la formació i estabilització de la memòria.

Un nou projecte internacional investigarà el paper dels receptors d’acetilcolina en la formació i estabilització de la memòria.

Aquesta investigació és dirigida per Alex Roxin, investigador principal del grup de neurociència del CRM, i Yingxue Wang, de l’Institut de Neurociència Max Planck a Florida, amb el suport financer del programa CRCNS de la National Science Foundation dels EUA. S’explorarà l’impacte dels receptors muscarínics d’acetilcolina (mAChRs) en la creació i la consistència dels patrons d’activitat del cervell que formen part de la nostra memòria, especialment en les neurones piramidals de l’hipocamp en la zona CA1. Combinant teoria i experiments pràctics, i utilitzant les últimes eines neurofarmacològiques, aquest projecte pot identificar objectius específics per tractar trastorns de la memòria, com l’Alzheimer.

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