Álvaro Gonzalez (Juan de la Cierva) and Víctor Navas (Maria de Maeztu PhD fellow), from the Complex Systems group, have participated in this year’s EGU General Assembly

Apr 11, 2019



This week, some 14,000 scientists are meeting in Vienna for the 2019 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). CRM’s postdoctoral researcher, Álvaro González, from the Complex Systems research group at the CRM, has participated with a conference on New hazards research: Anak Krakatau, glacial lakes and giant quakes. On 22 December 2018, a deadly tsunami struck Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, after activity at Anak Krakatau caused a piece of the western flank of the volcano to collapse to the sea. In this press conference, Professor González and the rest of the panel discussed new findings on this devastating eruption tsunami and talked about new research into giant earthquakes, a hazard able to affect large areas. The conference also shed ligth upon the largest quakes to have occurred on our planet, what caused them, and how frequent they may be. Finally, the presentation provided the first assessment of glacial lake outburst flood risk across the entire Tibetan Plateau and identified glacial lakes that pose more of a threat to human settlements.



You can watch the whole conference here

Also, during the general assembly, Víctor Navas, PhD candidate from the Complex Systems group, has given a talk on the stress of magnitude distribution of earthquakes.​