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The CRM invites you to participate in the RheoDx project

Dec 19, 2018



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RheoDx and its technology are the result of a joint collaboration between the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) and researchers from the Universitat de Barcelona. Its development and founding as a society has been promoted by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation thanks to ‘The Collider’, its program to foster scientific-based entrepreneurship, which guarantees the soundness and professionalism of the project.

RheoDX and his team have developed a portable medical device that can detect abnormalities in blood cells quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. This innovative and patented technology also has multiple applications in the field of Haematology.

Anaemia. You have heard about it. Surely you will quickly translate "anaemia" for "lack of iron". And that’s correct, but we’ll tell you a few more facts:

  • It is not a disease in itself, but a consequence of diseases such as cancer, intestinal inflammation and blood disorders.
  • In most cases, to treat it, it is necessary for the patient to receive blood transfusions.
  • 120 million transfusions are made every year in the world.
  • And 20% of them are unnecessary.

Why are 24 million unnecessary transfusions carried out?
Nowadays doctors decide how much blood a patient needs according to appearance; the amount is totally subjective. And they are wrong at least 20% of the time, so every year it is estimated that the global health system unnecessarily spends 3,500M €.
RheoDx provides a fast, sensitive and effective solution: with just one drop of blood its medical device is able to determine the exact amount of blood that needs to be transferred.
80 million patients could benefit from RheoDx technology only in Europe.
The European authorities are starting to take action so that hospitals improve the controls of blood transfusions. This will put RheoDx in a very favourable situation to enter the market and become the new default procedure in blood transfusion practices.
The company has opened a funding round with the aim of raising a capital of 350,000 €, of which 237,000 € has already been achieved. Aurora Hernández-Machado, an international reference researcher in microfluidics, has entered this round with a contribution of 50,000 €.
Reasons to invest:

  • New European trends in blood transfusion controls will help RheoDx reach the market faster
  • Directed to a market of 80 million patients per year, only in Europe
  • Collaboration agreements with the Banc de Sang i Teixits, Institut de Recerca contra la Leucèmia Josep Carreras and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
  • Device with potential to diagnose multiple blood diseases

The investment can be made in two ways:
Investments for more than 5,000 € are carried out through a participative loan that will be converted into shares once the crowdfunding campaign is over.
Investments for less than 5,000 € are carried out through an online investment platform specialised in biomedicine, one of the most profitable sectors in the world, and once the crowdfunding campaign is finished the stakes will be converted into shares. The link of the campaign is as follows:

Oliver Balcells (CEO of RheoDx) is at your disposal for any questions or queries you may have, either by mail or by phone. // +34 687 91 45 51 //

Finally, I enclose the presentation of the company.