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Mathematics is responsible for 10% of the Spanish PIB, according to the first study that analyzes the mathematical intensity of the Spanish economy

Apr 11, 2019


The Red Estratégica en Matemáticas (REM) has presented a socio-economic impact study carried out by the consulting firm Asesores Financieros Internacionales (Afi), during an event held yesterday at the Growth Space de Barrabé in Madrid. This study, the first of this nature measuring the "mathematical intensity" of the Spanish economy, concludes that mathematics is directly responsible of more than a million people employed -accounting for 6% of the total employment in Spain- and over 10% of the PIB (gross domestic product). In addition, professions focussed in mathematics are the ones that will grow the most in the coming years. Nonetheless, the study also warns that the Spanish business fabric feeds on less mathematics than the surrounding countries, and that, if this does not change, the Spanish economy will become less competitive.

Mathematics is a "strategic" asset that "accelerates economic growth," says the new report, entitled Socio-economic impact of mathematical research and mathematical technology in Spain, which was presented with the presence of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and a broad representation of the company and the mathematical research community, including the director of the CRM, Professor Lluís Alsedà.

The weight of mathematics in the Spanish economy has never been quantified before and, in fact, there is no standard methodology to do so. But the promoters of the report consider that it is essential, both for industry and for public decision-makers: "Mathematics is seen as something a few academics investigate away from everyday reality, but the truth is that they are increasingly becoming a national strategic resource ", says Tomás Chacón, from the Universidad de Sevilla and coordinator of REM, a knowledge network that integrates the entire Spanish mathematical community and seeks to promote the transfer of mathematical results to the business sector.

"Applying mathematics to all economic sectors is what is giving countries an advantage in the markets, and now, for the first time, we have the numbers to prove it," adds Chacón.

You can read the complete press release by clicking here.​


The Red Estratégica en Matemáticas (REM) encourages dissemination and transfer of mathematical technology, directing R&D towards the needs that may spawn business enterprises, boost local industries and strengthen the interaction with public authorities. Their applications in the production sector provide significant added value to the economy, as well as playing a crucial role in the technological advancement and making a difference in people’s lives.​