Juan Calvo Yagüe, former CRM researcher, awarded with SEMA Prize to Young Researchers

Jun 27, 2016

The Young Researcher Award was established in 1998 and is awarded annually to the most promising young researcher in applied mathematics. The Prize is to promote excellence in the original mathematical work in all branches of mathematics that have an applied component. Its aim is to reward the personal contribution of the candidate. The age limit set is stating candidates had time to develop their independent mathematical creativity after the formative stage corresponding to the Doctoral Thesis. The Prize is intended so you open the way for his mature and at the same time recognizing their proven capabilities. The prize is 1800 Euros along with a certificate of award and membership in the honor society member and for the next two years after authorization.

Juan Calvo Yagüe, Universidad de Granada, worked at CRM in the frame of the Collaborative Mathematical Research funded by "La Caixa Foundation". He will obtain the award during the celebration of the XVII School Hispano-French Jacques-Louis Lions on Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering, that will be held in Gijón and Oviedo from 6 to 10 June 2016.