Job vacancy: DATA SCIENCE TECHNICIAN (REF. 2020-001-P03721)

Feb 3, 2020


The CRM needs to hire a data science technician for the technological transfer unit, with experience in Python programming and NLP projects, and with Deep Learning knowledge. The expected starting date of the contract is immediate.


  • Analyse raw data: assess quality, clean it and structure it for further processing. 
  • Designing accurate and scalable prediction algorithms. 
  • Generate information relevant to business improvements. 
  • Write reports on prototypes. 
  • Contribute to the deployment and testing of solutions.


  • Graduate in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science or the like. 
  • Knowledge in predictive models of machine-learning, clustering and classification and deep-learning algorithms. 
  • Python programming skills, Jupyter Notebook experience. 
  • Advanced level of English, both written and spoken.


  • Consulting experience in AI projects development
  • Experience in NLP or computer vision projects. 
  • Programming skills in C, C ++, Java, SQL, R. 
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks like Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch… 
  • Scrappers experience. 
  • ETL experience 
  • Experience in AWS, Google Cloud, or the like. 
  • Git experience 
  • Communication skills


  • The contract will be for specified work and services associated to a project with companies in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Immediate hiring 
  • 37.5 weekly working hours. 
  • Work site: Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona) 
  • Salary: 18,000€ – 22,000€ / Depending on experience and value.


The selection process will be evaluated by the CRM Director, the CRM Manager, and the Technology Transfer Manager. This process consists in: 

1) Admission of candidates: applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, a letter of presentation (maximum 500 words) and the questionnaire attached to the offer, by email at ​​, until February 18th, 2020, at 2:00 pm, indicating the reference code of the offer. The requests referred from another portal, other than the CRM job offers section and the instructions contained therein, will not be accepted. 

2) Shortlist: assessment of the fulfilment of the minimum requirements of the offer. 

3) Selection: evaluation of the shortlisted candidates by a total score according to objective criteria. 


• ​​Curriculum: 40% 

• ​​Letter of presentation and motivation: 25% 

• ​​Professional experience: 25% 

• ​​Personal interview: 10% (Shortlist of the best candidates evaluated in the previous points) 

4) Final decision: If we find the right person, the resolution will be formally communicated and will be published in the CRM careers section.