Exhibition of the photographical project Abstract Minds

May 14, 2012

​The Centre de Recerca Matemàtica set outs in the library of the Faculty of Science and Life Sciences at UAB the photographical project entitled Abstract Minds.

​​Within the world of scientific research and find a particular space different from the rest, bounded by a spirit and make different, the mathematical research. Its objects are as perfect as often intangible, irrefutable truths speak to us of incalculable absolute results and solutions … Hers is a unique language and own, a strange and captivating beauty. Perhaps this beauty the fuel that feeds the curiosity of those who do research in mathematics. The long hours devoted to study results that few understand and often not known application is perhaps the ultimate expression of knowledge for knowledge, art for art. A local expression of love beauty as ephemeral as universal.

Abstract Minds The photo project has sought to capture this reality, explore this unique and portray their characters. Over the past two years the project leaders, Francesc Creixell and Fernando Rascon collaboration with the Mathematics Research Center (CRM), have portrayed a representative sample of the mathematicians who have participated in activities organized by the CRM.

This exhibition features the photographs of the project. Reflecting the creative spirit that prevails in mathematical research has built a diverse set of portraits, each photograph is different from before in form and content, each with their particular states.

The first part of the exhibition will be set out till the end of may and the second one from june onwards.