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The CRM is one of the six Maria de Maeztu Excellence Units awarded by the The State Research Agency (AEI) in the 2020 Call. This is the second time that the CRM receives this distinction, after the one obtained by the BGSMath in 2015.

The Centres and Units of Excellence ‘Severo Ochoa’ and Maria de Maeztu’ programme aim to recognise public research organizations, in any scientific area, that stand out due to the relevance and impact of the results obtained during the previous reference period at an international level.

Consequently, the CRM joins the SOMMa Alliance, to internationally promote, strengthen and maximise the value of the ground-breaking research produced by the Spanish ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centres and ‘María de Maeztu’ Units of Excellence and the scientific, and the social and economic impact it generates.

The Award provides funding (2MEuros) for the proposed strategic research plan, aimed at consolidating CRM scientific capacities and boosting its talent attraction capacity for the next four years. It is obtained following a rigorous evaluation process performed by an international committee comprised of world-class scientists, in accordance with the most demanding standards.

The 2020 call has recognized seven ‘Severo Ochoa’ centers of excellence and six ‘María de Maeztu’ excellence units. This is the second time that the CRM has been recognised with this distinction, after the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath), of which the CRM is the managing institution, was awarded in 2015.