Workshop on Derived Geometry

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From June 06, 2022
to June 10, 2022

This workshop is part of the Follow-Up Higher Homotopical Structures


Derived methods, such as sheaf cohomology and the derived category of a ring or a scheme, have a long history in geometry and algebra. More recently, thanks to work of Simpson, Toen-Vezzosi, Lurie, and many others, derived methods have been incorporated into the very foundations of the subject of algebraic geometry, leading to a variety of interesting applications and even more newly emerging questions and avenues of research.

The aim of this workshop is twofold: we aim to make some of the ideas accessible to a wider audience, with some introductory talks aimed at students and researchers interested in gaining entry into the field, while at the same time providing a forum for to present relevant research in derived geometry, broadly construed.

Workshop’s ​information


  • Higher topoi and their homotopy theory
  • Derived algebraic and analytic geometry
  • Elliptic cohomology and topological modular forms
  • Floer homotopy theory and link homologies
  • The cobordism hypothesis and topological field theories

Further information

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David Gepner ​​​​​ Johns Hopkins University
Joachim Kock Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and CRM


Mathieu Anel | Carnegie Mellon University

Tobias Barthel | Max-Planck-Institut Bonn

Andrew Blumberg | Columbia University

John Greenlees | University of Warwick

Aaron Mazel-Gee | California Institute of Technology

Mona Merling | University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Nikolaus | Universität Münster

Sarah Scherotzke | Université du Luxembourg

Nicolò Sibilla | SISSA Trieste

Hiro Tanaka | Texas State University

Lecture Series

Georg Biedermann | Universidad del Norte

Title: Generalized Blakers-Massey theorems and Goodwillie calculus in infinity-topoi

Nitu Kichloo | Johns Hopkins University

Title: Homotopy types for link homologies

Akhil Mathew | University of Chicago

Title: Algebraic K-theory and chromatic homotopy theory

Lennart Meier | Universiteit Utrecht

Title: Equivariant elliptic cohomology and spectral algebraic geometry


To be announced soon


Registration deadline: 29/05/2022

Registration will open soon and will be free but mandatory.

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For inquiries about the activity please contact the research programs coordinator Ms. Núria Hernández at​​