Seminari ‘Numerical studies of compressible convection and melting problems’ per part de Jezabel Curbelo (UAM)

Sep 20, 2019



Conferència Numerical studies of compressible convection and melting problems 

per part de Jezabel Curbelo (Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics UAM​)

Thursday, September 26 at 12:00 o’clock at the CRM (Room A1).

Abstract: In a two-dimensional (2-D) rectangular fluid layer heated from below we consider two problems: In the first one, using the equation of state of an ideal gas, we developed a numerical method for the set of equations governing fully compressible convection in the limit of infinite Prandtl numbers. We have also studied reduced models such as the anelastic approximation and the anelastic liquid approximation. In this talk, we will analyse the solutions obtained with each model in a wide range of dimensionless parameters and determined the errors induced by each approximation with respect to the fully compressible solutions. In the second one, we describe the evolving dynamic regimes and their scaling exponents occurring during the melting of the Phase Change Material (PCM) n-octadecane: conductive, linear, coarsening and turbulent. Each one of the melting regimes creates a distinct solid/liquid front that characterizes the internal state of the melting process.