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CRM > English > Activities > Curs 2016-2017 > Workshop on Avalanche Processes in Condensed Matter Physics and Beyond
Workshop on Avalanche Processes in Condensed Matter Physics and Beyond
Organised by

Universitat de Barcelona
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
General Information

Dates: January 9 to 13, 2017

Location: Centre de Recerca Matemàtica


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Avalanche phenomena occur in many different physical systems ranging from microscopic to macroscopic scales. Many materials respond to smooth continuous driving forces in a discontinuous, intermittent and stochastic way. Paradigmatic examples within condensed matter are Barkhausen noise in ferromagnets, acoustic emission in martensitic transitions, and the collapse of porous materials under pressure.  These responses show interesting similarities with geophysical processes like earthquakes or real snow avalanches, with biophysical systems like neural networks and even with phenomena within plasma physics. In many cases the responses show a certain degree of criticality, with absence of characteristic scales, and power-law decays of the temporal and spatial correlations. The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop is to adopt an holistic point of view and try to find general common rules and trends linking these, a priori, very different processes.
There will be contributions on recent experimental results as well as theoretical studies including modelling and mathematical tools for the analysis of avalanche processes.
The workshop is the continuation of a series of two previous meetings: “Crackling noise and intermittency in Condensed Matter​” held in Göttingen (Germany) on May 2013 and “Avalanches in Functional Materials and Geophsyics” held in Cambridge on December 2014.
Topics include: 
Avalanche response in phase transitions (structural, magnetic, superconductors ...)
Collapse of granular and porous materials.
Avalanche phenomena in geophysics.
Avalanche phenomena in biophysics.
Avalanche phenomena in plasmas.
Statistical Physics models for avalanche response.
Mathematical characterization of spatial and temporal correlations in random avalanche processes.
Experimental techniques to detect avalanches: Acoustic emission, Barkhausen noise, high sensitivity calorimetry, seismology, imaging techniques, etc. 
Plenary Speakers
Mikko Alava Aalto University
​Yan Kagan ​University of California
David E. Newman University of Alaska
Gilles Tarjus Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Invited Speakers
Lucilla de Arcangelis
University of Naples
​Xavier Balandraud IFMA, Institut Pascal, Clermont Ferrand
John Beggs
Indiana University
Karin Dahmen
University of Illinois
Gianfranco Durin
INRIM Torino
Ferenc Kun
University of Debrecen
Ian Main
University of Edinburgh
Joaquin Marro
Universidad de Granada
Kirsten Martens
Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Nicholas Moloney
London Mathematical Laboratory
F.J. Perez-Reche
University of Aberdeen
Ekhard Salje
University of Cambridge
Stephane Santucci
CNRS Laboratoire de Physique, ENS-Lyon
​Raul Sanchez Fernandez ​Universidad Carlos III
Avadh Saxena
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Doron Shilo
Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Jordi Soriano
Universitat de Barcelona
Djordje Spasojevic
University of Belgrade
Bosiljka Tadic
Jozef Stefan Institute

Organizing Committee
Álvaro Corral Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Eduard Vives Universitat de Barcelona
Scientific ​Committee
Avadh Saxena Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ekhard K. H. Salje University of Cambridge
Antoni Planes Universitat de Barcelona
Poster session
Poster application is accepted. Please submit the following form before December 4, 2016. You will need to upload the tex and pdf files. Only applications from pre-registered or registered participants will be accepted. Resolutions will be sent before December 12, 2016. 
Application form (closed)
Registration is limited to the first 100 participants.

Early bird registration fee: 180 € (until October 1, 2016)
Regular registration fee: 200 € (from October 2, 2016 to December 16, 2016)
Deadline for registration: December 16,2016 (or when seats are filled)
Registration includes: Documentation package, coffee breaks, lunch tickets and a conference dinner


You will be able to pay by card or bank transfer through the on-line registration system
Refund policy:
The registration fee depends on the date of the payment.
Cancellations received 1 month before the start of the activity will incur in an administrative fee of 50% of the total amount.
Cancellations received less than one month prior to the start of the activity are not refundable.
Lodging information
For lodging in the area please click here​
For off-campus and family accommodation click here​​​​

This activity is made possible by the generous support from the following agencies 

Contact information

If you have any questions please contact:

Núria Hernandez (​)