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CRM > English > Activities > Curs 2015-2016 > Conference: Open problems in Nonsmooth Dynamics Schedule
Conference: Open problems in Nonsmooth Dynamics Schedule


Monday, February 1

​13:30-14:00 Re​​gistrat​ion
​14:00-1​4:30 ​Opening
​14:30-15:20 The case for discontinuous control theory Spurgeon_Sarah.pdfAbstract
Sarah K. Spurgeon, University of Kent 
​15:20-15:45 Asynchronous Network and Event Driven DynamicsField_Mke.pdfAbstract
Mike Field, Imperial College
​15:45-16:15 ​Coffee break
​16:15- 16:40 ​The boundary focus in planar Filippov systems: a wolf in sheep's clothing Ponce_Enrique.pdfAbstract
Enrique Ponce, Universidad de Sevilla
​16:40-17:05 ​Border-Collision Bifurcations: Myths, Facts and Open Problems BCBsOpenProblemsAbstract.pdfAbstract
David J.W. Simpson, Massey University
​17:05-17:30 ​Homoclinic bifurcations in a climate application Homoclinic bifurcation in a climate application.pdfAbstract
Julie Leifeld, University of Minnesota
​18:30-20:00 ​Wine and cheese reception at Hotel Campus (Sala Martí i Franqués)
Tuesday, February 2

​09:25​​​-10:1​​5 Machined surface quality and the non-smooth dynamics of metal cutting Stepan_Gabor.pdfAbstract
Gabor Stepan, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
​10:15-10:40 ​Sliding mode control of heterogeneous systems Dominguez-Pumar NDC 2016.pdfAbstract
Manuel Dominguez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
​10:40-11:10 ​Coffee break & Poster presentation 
​11:10-11:35 ​Nonlinear Dynamics of Localized Frictional Slip putelat_abstract.pdfAbstract
Thibaut Putelat, University of Bristol
​11:35-12:00 ​Non-smooth Hopf-type bifurcations arising from impact/friction contact events Open problems in Nonsmooth Dynamics__contributed talk__Karin Mora_2.pdfAbstract
Karin Mora, University of Paderborn
​12:00-12:25 ​Nonsmooth Dynamics of industrial pressure relief valves Champneys_Alan.pdfAbstract
Alan Champneys, University of Bristol
​12:25-12:50 ​Grazing Induced Bifurcations: Innocent or Dangerous? CRM 2016 [Grazing bifurcations].pdfAbstract
Marian Wiercigroch, University of Aberdeen
​12:50-14:30 ​Lunch break*
​14:30-14:55 ​Analysis of foot slippage in simple theoretical models of dynamic legged locomotion in sagittal plane abstract_nonsmooth_or.pdfAbstract
Yizhar Or, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
​14:55-15:20 ​Switching Sensitive and Insensitive Responses in A Piecewise Smooth Nonlinear Planar Motion Systems Abstract_Jiang.pdfAbstract
Jun Jiang, Xi'an Jiaotong University
​15:20-15:45 ​Nonsmooth dynamics of milling processes Dombovari_abstract.pdfAbstract
Zoltan Dombovari, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
​15:45-16:15 ​Coffee break & Poster presentation
​16:15-16:40 ​Sliding dynamics on codimension-2 discontinuity surfaces antali_opnd.pdfAbstract
Mate Antali, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
​16:40-17:05 ​On dissipative time varying monotone evolution equations mmotsOPND2016.pdfAbstract
Luigi Ianelli, University of Sannio in Benevento
​17:05-17:30 ​Variatioinal time stepping for nonsmooth analytical systems dynamics LacoursiereSjostrom_abstract.pdfAbstract
Claude Lacoursière, University of Umea

Wednesday, February 3

​09:25-10:15 ​Escapes and exits in noisy non-smooth models Kuske_Rachel.pdfAbstract
Rachel K​​uske, The University of Britisch Columbia
​10:15-10:40 ​Challenges from System Dynamics to Complexity and Piecewise-Deterministic Markov Processes: Market Modeling Challenges from System Dynamics to Complexity and Piecewise.pdfAbstract
Gerard Olivar, Universidad Nacional de Colombia​
​10:40-11:10 ​Coffee break
​11:10-11:35 ​On border collisions in m-th iterate map with a large m abstract.pdfAbstract.pdf
Viktor Avrutin, Universität Stuttgart
​11:35-12:00 ​Bifurcation Structure in a Family of Discontinuous Linear-Power Maps Abstract_Gardini.pdfAbstract
Laura Gardini, University of Urbino
​12:00-12:25 ​The period adding bifurcation in one and n-dimensional piecewise-smooth maps Granados_Albert.pdfAbstract
Albert Granados, Technical University of Denmark
​12:25-12:50 ​2D Border Collision Normal Form and Smale Horseshoe Construction Abstract_Sushko.pdfAbstract
Iryna Sushko, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
​12:50-14:30 ​Lunch break
​14:30-15:30 ​Discussion session
17:00- 19:00 (aprox.) ​Guided visit Social_Activities_MHC_Cullera.pdfInformation on the social events
​20:00-23:00 ​Conference dinner (more information to be given during registration)

Thursday, February 4

​09:25-10:15 ​Reach Control Problem Broucke_Mireille.pdfAbstract
Mireille E. Broucke, University of Toronto
​10:15-10:40 ​Averaging theory for computing periodic solutions of nonsmooth differential systems with applications Llibre_Jaume.pdfAbstract
Jaume Llibre, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
​10:40-11:10 ​Coffee break
​11:10-11:35 ​Dimension, dynamics and bifurcations of attractors in piecewise linear maps Glendinning.pdfAbstract
Paul Glendinning, University of Manchester
​11:35-12:​00 ​​Tautologies in the regularization of piecewise-smooth dynamicsl systems advancesnsd.pdfAbstract
Carles Bonet, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
​12:00-12:25 ​Regularization of a planar Filippov vector field near a visible-invisible fold point abstractNonsmoothSeara.pdfAbstract
Tere M. Seara, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
​12:25-12:50 ​On the interpretation of the piecwise smooth visible-invisible two-fold singularity in $\mathbb{R}^ 3$ using regularization and blowup Uldall_Kristian.pdfAbstract​
Kristian U. Kristiansen, Technical University of Denmark
​12:50-14:30 ​Lunch break
​14:30-14:55 ​Folded Nodes, Canards and Mixed-Mode Oscillations in 3D Piecewise-Linear Systems Teruel_Antonio.pdfAbstract
Antonio E. Teruel, Universitat de les Illes Balears
​14:55-15:20 ​Limit cycles in piecewise planar systems via et-systems with accuracy Torregrosa_Joan.pdfAbstract
Joan Torregrosa, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
​15:20-15:45 ​Estimation of synaptic conductances in McKean neuron model ConferenceOPND-McKean-Abstract-CVich.pdfAbstract
Catalina Vich, Universitat de les Illes Balears
​15:45-16:15 ​Coffee break
​16:15 - 16:40 ​What ruined the bandcount doubling in an AC-DC boost PFC circuit? Abdelali.pdfAbstract
Abdelali El Aroudi, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
​16:40-17:05 ​Oscillations for non monotonic smooth negative feedback systems bounded by two hybrid systems Barcelone.pdfAbstract
Camille Poignard, INRIA BIOCORE​
​17:05-17:30 Mechanism of autonomous switching and the challenges in the stability of bimodal systems CRM-Absract.bak.pdfAbstract
Vasfi Eldem, Okan University​

Friday, February 5

​09:2​5-10:​15 Pa​inleve's paradox in multi-contact mechanical systems Varkonyi_Peter_ABST_REVISED.pdfAbstract
Peter Varkonyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
​10:15-10:40 ​Higher-Order Estimation of the Amplitude of Regenerative Machine Tool Vibrations 2015_CRM_OPND_Molnar_abstract_short.pdfAbstract
Tamás  G. Molnár, Budapest University of Technology and Economocs
​10:40-11:10 ​Coffee break
​11:10-11:35 ​Discontinuity geometry - an approach to discover the landscape of impact oscillators Pirroinen_Petri.pdfAbstract
Petri T. Piiroinen, National University of Ireland
​11:35-12:00 ​Single-impact orbits for an impact oscillator near periodic orbits with degenerate graze Chillingworth_David.pdfAbstract
David Chillingworth, University of Southampton 
​12:00-12:25 ​The Nonsmooth Dynamics of a Microelectromechanical Energy Harvester P_Harte_Advances_in_Nonsmooth_Dynamics.pdfAbstract
Elena Blokhina, University College of Dublin
​12:25-12:50 2007 and all that Hogan_John.pdfAbstract
John Hogan, University of Bristol​
​12:50-13:00 Closing Remarks & Opening of the Intensive Research Program
Mike Jeffrey, Program Organizer​​
​13:00 Lunch

*Lunches, from Tuesday to Friday will be provided to all registered participants. Tickets will be given during registration on Monday.More information will also be provided.