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CRM > English > Activities > Curs 2014-2015 > IRTATCA Weekly Seminar
IRTATCA Weekly Seminar

Research program

IRTATCA: Interactions between Representation Theory,

Algebraic Topology and Commutative Algebra

January 7 to June 30, 2015

Weekly seminar


The visiting researchers will lecture about their present topics of interest. The goal of the weekly Seminar is to contribute to the dissemination of research, to provide an opportunity for scientific exchange and to initiate joint research projects.

Place: Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Facultat de Ciències. UAB
Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Auditori Conference Room

Sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 10:30 am after the Research Program's weekly coffee time
. Please, check the programme below for particularities. Everybody is welcome! No registration is needed.


Thursday, June 25
Anargyros Katsampekis, University of Macedonia​
Defining ideals of monomial curves in A4(K)

Tuesday, June 23 
Arkady Berenstein, University of Oregon​
Double canonical bases

Tuesday, June 16 
Idun Reiten, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Preprojective algebras and Coxeter groups

Friday, June 5 
Ivo Herzog, The Ohio State University
The representation theory of the Dubrovin-Puninski ring

Tuesday, May 19

10:30 Tobias Columbus, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Quasicategorical models of spectra 



11:40 Umesh V. Dubey, Indian Institute of Science

Enriched Eilenberg-Moore construction and remark of Balmer

Tuesday, May 12

Shreedevi Masuti, Chennai Mathematical Institute, India
Maps between Gn,k and Gn,l

Tuesday, May 5

Samira Roointan, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
Decomposition of Modules into Direct Sums of Cyclics

Yilmaz Durgun, Bitlis Eren University, Turkey 
An alternative perspective on flatness of modules

Special seminar sessions, April 7 to 10
Moritz Groth, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics and Jan Stovicek, Charles University
Axiomatic homotopy theory via Grothendieck derivators

Tuesday, March 24

Jan Saroch, Charles University
Mittag-Leffler modules and right almost split maps

Julie Bergner, University of California at Riverside
Homotopy algebraic structures

Thursday, March 19

Peter Symonds, University of Manchester
Degree bounds on homology and a conjecture of Derksen

Wolfgang Pitsch, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
A point free approach to supports

Tuesday, March 10
Santiago Zarzuela, Universitat de Barcelona
Frobenius algebras of Stanley-Reisner rings

Tuesday, March 3
Roger Wiegand, University of Nebraska-Lincoln​
Brauer-Thrall theorems for totally reflexive modules over local rings

Hamid Rahmati, Miami University 
Duality for Koszul homology over Gorenstein rings

Tuesday, February 24
Sergio Estrada, Universidad de Murcia
Model category structures arising from complete cotorsion pairs
Monday, February 23 
William Sanders, University of Kansas
Support Varieties and tensor product

​Contact information 

For further information please contact Ms. Neus Portet at​