Office Office 21 (C3b/024)
Position CRM Postdoctoral Researcher
Funding Maria de Maeztu
Group Computational & Mathematical Biology
Cloete, Ielyaas

I completed my PhD in mathematics at the University of Auckland, under the supervision of Professors James Sneyd and Vivien Kirk, studying the dynamics of calcium oscillations in hepatocytes. 


I then started a postdoc at the University of Sussex, based at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, studying the apoptotic signalling network in leukaemia. Thereafter I joined University College London, in the Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering department where we studied treatmeant schedule optimisation for combination treatments in glioblastoma patients.


At CRM, I have joined the group of Prof. Tomas Alarcon, we we'll be studying the BCL2 protein network in cellular senescence and intercations between BCL2 and calcium signalling networks. Our modelling approach involves using ODEs, SDEs, PDEs, data fitting and applications of dynamical systems theory to study biology. The modelling work is performed in collaboration with experimental biologists.