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Position PhD Student
Funding Formación de Personal Investigador (Maria de Maeztu)
Other funding FPI
Research interests Applied Math
Area Mathematical And Computational Biology
Group Mathematical And Computational Biology
Arellano, Juan

I studied Physics for my Bachelor in "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". In 2019 I joined a Master in Physics and Mathematics in Granada, where I have especialized in Mathematical Modelling in Biology. I did my master dissertation with Juan Soler (Granada) and Juan Calvo (Granada) about modelling tumour dynamics. In 2021 I started to work with Oscar Sanchez (Granada), Juan Campos (Granada) and Juan Calvo in non-linear diffusion equations, mainly focused in the classical Porous Medium Equation and some flux-limited variants.

In September of 2022 I started working in CRM, in mathematical modelling of tumor growths supervised by Tomás Alarcón and Daria Stepanova.

Thesis supervisor: Tomás Alarcón


Multiscale modelling, cell dynamics and tumour growth.