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Office Office 20 (C3b/022)
Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Funding Maria de Maeztu
Research interests Geometry
Area Algebra Geometry Number Theory And Topology
Group Algebra Geometry Number Theory And Topology
Garmendia González, Alfonso Gadir
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Other Research Interests

I am now a MdM postdoc working in Eva Miranda's group. Before I was in Potsdam University working with Prof. Sylvie Paycha and as a PhD in KU Leuven with Prof. Marco Zambon. I did my bachelor and master degree in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).

I have 5 publications. My research area lies in Poisson Geometry, Lie theorie (Group, Algebras, Groupoids and Algebroids), singular foliations and quantization.

My teaching experience started in 2007 helping with calculus exercises. From 2010 to 2015, I gave full lectures on Calculus and Linear algebra in the UCV. In my PhD and Postdocs, since 2015, I have helped with the exercises in courses related to differential geometry and organized reading seminars on deformation quantization and integrability of Lie algebroids.

Selected publications

Here is a link to my PhD thesis:

Groupoids and singular foliations (link)


Publications and preprints (2023):

Path integration: Path up to homolmy is the holonomy groupoid, also for singular foliations.

Paths Integration (arxiv link)

Paths Integration (cite link)

Morita equivalence: holonomy of pullbacks is the pullback of the holonomy.

ME Holonomy (arxiv link)

ME Holonomy (cite link)

Automorphisms of foliations: Following the flow of commuting vector fields preserve the foliation.

Aut Foliations (arxiv link)

Aut Foliations (cite link)

Lie 2-group quotients: In quotients of groupoids there are 2 quotients, the quotient on the base, and on the isotropy. Quotients by Lie 2-groups are nice examples and the relation with the Holonomy groupoid.

Lie 2-group quotient (arxiv link)

Lie 2-group quotient (cite link)

(strict) Principal bundle groupoids: Here we investigate on PB groupoids or groupoids in the category of principal bundles. We show an equivalence to bundle gerbes and study the nerves and automorphisms of these objects. (to be published in Journal of geometry and Physics).

PB groupoids (arxiv link)

PB groupoids (cite link)


A social and fun article on EMS:

Finding paths in a totally disconnected space (link)

Here is a link to my research gate page for new publications:

RG A. Garmendia (link)