E-mail ppuig@mat.uab.cat
Position Professor
Research interests Probability
Puig, Pere

Professor Puig is senior full professor at the Department of Mathematics of the UAB. He leads the Advanced Statistical Modelling research group and has wide ranging experience in development of mathematical and statistical methods working together with multidisciplinary groups. Prof. Puig has published extensively his research results in Mathematical Statistics in prestigious international journals like the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Technometrics or the Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. For over twenty years has been a co-researcher with biologists, agriculturists, veterinarians, economists and health scientists, publishing their results in prestigious journals like Animal Science, Radiation Research, PlosOne or the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. Nowadays, P. Puig is the Editor in Chief of the journal “Statistical and Operation Research Transactions (SORT)” (http://www.idescat.cat/sort/). Since 2011 he is a regular collaborator with the Public Health England (PHE) Cytogenetics and Biomarkers Group, having several joint publications. He also has participated in the PhD project “Advanced Statistical Methods for Cytogenetic Radiation Biodosimetry”, under a special agreement between the PHE and the UAB.

Other Research Interests
  • Characterization of distributions
  • Count data distributions
  • Count data time series
  • Statistical models in Biodosimetry
  • Stochastic processes
Selected publications
  • Puig, P. and Valero, J. Count data distributions: some characterizations with applications. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 101, p. 332-340 (2006)
  • Puig, P. and Valero, J. Characterization of count data distributions involving additivity and binomial subsampling. Bernoulli, 13, p. 544-555 (2007)
  • Puig, P. and Barquinero, F. An application of compound Poisson modelling to biological dosimetry. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 467, p. 897-910 (2011) (online in 2010)
  • Moriña, D., Puig, P., Ríos, J., Vilella, A., Trilla A. A statistical model for hospital admissions caused by seasonal diseases. Statistics in Medicine, 30, p. 3125-3136 (2011)
  • Higueras M., Puig P., Ainsbury E.A. and Rothkamm K. (2015). A new inverse regression model applied to radiation biodosimetry. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, doi:10.1098/rspa.2014.0588