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MARCH 28, 12:00




Seminar “Effects of cell cycle variability on stochastic gene expression” by Rubén Pérez Carrasco | Imperial College London


Many models of stochastic gene expression do not incorporate a cell cycle description. I will show how this can be tackled analytically studying how mRNA fluctuations are influenced by DNA replication for a prescribed cell cycle duration stochasticity. Results show that omitting cell cycle details can introduce significant errors in the predicted mean and variance of gene expression for prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, reaching 25% error in the variance for mouse fibroblasts. Furthermore, we can derive a negative binomial approximation to the mRNA distribution, indicating that cell cycle stochasticity introduces similar fluctuations to bursty transcription. Finally, I will show how disregarding cell cycle stochasticity can introduce inference errors in transcription rates bigger than 10%.


Rubén Pérez Carrasco

Rubén Pérez Carrasco

Imperial College London

Dr. Perez-Carrasco interests focus on theoretical systems biology to understand how space, time, and precision are related at different scales in biology such as embryo development or synthetic biology.  To this end he is developing a systems biology mathematical framework that reveals insight into cell fate decisions employing  analytical and computational tools that make use of dynamical systemsstochastic processes, and Bayesian inference.


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