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What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is an electronic document that:

 contains the same kind of information that appears on a traditional invoice and that is sent through electronic means.

 has legal validity when it carries an advanced electronic signature that guarantees authenticity, integrity and non-rejection.

 can be processed electronically and relates to customers and suppliers.

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How to submit an electronic invoice to the CRM?

From January 1​5th, 2015, with the entry into force of Law 25/2013, of December 27th, invoices issued to any public administration must be submitted in electronic format (XML file with XAdES digital certificate). Only invoices made in accordance with the specifications of the invoice format, electronically signed, will be accepted through an advanced or official certificate.

When issuing an e-invoice it is very important to indicate our order number (número de comanda), it is our reference and it facilitates the management, processing and payment. This order number must be included in the invoice, in the case of electronic invoicing it will be indicated in the invoice field: File Reference.

The DIR codes of the CRM are the following:

✔ Accounting Office A09019029

✔ Managing Unit A09019029

✔​ Issuing Unit A09019029

Información actualizada [CAT​ALAN. Web de la Generalitat de Catalunya]

How can I create and send an electronic invoice?

The e.FAC​T service is not intended for issuing invoices. However, there are a number of solutions offered by different companies for the issuing of invoices that can be sent to the Catalan Public Administrations that have the e.FACT service:

Free solutions:

Non-free solutions:

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