CRM Consulting
Services (KTT)

CRM’s consulting Services is one of the centre’s core units. It provides tools and knowledge for private and public entities to face the ever-changing and demanding industry environment and solve organizational problems. CRM also intends to play a major role in enhancing the work systems in different economic sectors. The CRM has established connections with partners with industry and governmental institutions, making the knowledge of the different CRM’s research groups available to them. The process of providing consulting services is to collaborate with these institutions to recognize and understand the issues and problems in order to present a viable solution.


The aim of this service is to help enterprises to innovate in their production process. At CRM we strongly believe that almost all problems have a “right” mathematical formulation. When confronted with a specific problem, a formulation process starts through a fruithful dialogue between a professional mathematician and the enterprise. That first step is the most important one, the “understanding” of what the enterprise problem is about.

The professional mathematician knows a lot of models, but he/she will always need to adapt them to the present situation, the model is tailor made. Once the mathematical model is established, it can be tested and analysed through simulation and numerical computation with specific optimization purposes. This applies to areas such cost optimization, algorithm design, task allocation, logistics, data analysis, etc. and provides the enterprise with a very significant added value in its activity and a competitive advantage. 

How does it work?

The first step is the understanding of what the enterprise problem is about and to evaluate its mathematical treatment. Eventually, the second step consists in the preparation by the CRM of a project detailing the problem, the mathematical model, the deliverables, the deadlines, and the budget. If the project is accepted by the enterprise, a contract is signed according to spanish laws and the project starts. Otherwise, steps one and two are free of cost.

Who does it?

The consultancy activity of the CRM relies on the KTT unit and the whole of the research staff of the centre. Besides, CRM has institutional relations with other mathematical institutions in Catalunya, eventually providing additional expertise.