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Videoconference Details

The CRM provides a meeting room with the following equipment:
Team Viewstation signature Polycom FX:
Allows the establishment of a video conference (conference up to 4 to 384kbps or even 3 to 512 kbps) through H323 protocol (IP network). These units include the video camera seamlessly. This camera can be controlled remotely with IR remote control (position and zoom), or allow automatic tracking, searching and focusing on her own sound source.
The meter also features an omnidirectional microphone desktop, should be used so that the distance from the speaker does not exceed approximately two meters away. The team also has the ability to connect an external signal (document camera, DVD ...) and even upload your Power Point presentations issue. We also have a plasma TV as a 42-inch output for viewing on a larger screen to different components of the videoconference. You could use a computer together for presentation graphics.
To check the availability or ask for more information of the videoconferencing room, requests for use of this service will be made by sending an email to the address telling us all the information necessary to make your reservation (date, time, responsible, necessary equipment, destination computer's IP address, etc).