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Joint partnerships & other services
Joint Partnerships
At CRM we are open to other forms of collaboration with enterprises. If your enterprise is considering submitting a competitive project and needs a partnership at academia, CRM might be the right partner for you. Mathematical technology is by its very definition transversal and adds competitiveness to your project. For joint partnerships with CRM, contact

Formation Services

Training is always an added value to researchers, your company, your colleagues and workmate's. Investing time in training or recycling expands your possibilities and allows you to keep updated about current and new technologies and market possibilities.  If you think you need formation to carry on your educational or business activity, the CRM may offer a  specific training programs.   

Laboratory Services
At CRM we have an experimental laboratory on microfluidics and rhenomics. In it, we can experiment with real evidence, theories and models that develop our researchers. Using the tools found in the laboratory can obtain excellent results and transmit our knowledge with high reliability 

The CRM provides this laboratory services.

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Videoconference Services

Videoconferencing and transmission of multimedia information today, it is a tool that provides a considerable saving of time and money to many organizations that have fragmented the organization in various locations, such as the different campuses of a university. It is often useful for remote meetings between people with common interests, share information among a group of researchers, etc.. But more and more being used as an important part of formal education or to support specialized training or post-graduate, letting you reach certain events that, in principle, only be accessible by a small group of people (eg an operation in an operating room) to a much larger group and in real time. 

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