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MMIF Network
Currently, the use of the social networks is a fundamental tool for the companies and the organizations. It is proved that if you use them on the correct way, they add value to your activity.
It's for this reason that from MMIF we have created the MMIF Network, a network created on Linkedin. It's a network for former students of MMIF and its main goal is to create a relation and put into contact all the professional people that have done the MMIF.
Nowadays, a lot of these professionals that have attended the master work in positions of great responsibility in the financial companies of our country and we think that knowing the work situation of all the former students could give all of us a valuable information of our situation. The aim of this contact is that there is a possible connection to professional needs. That the members of the network know institutions, organizations and sectors where the former students of the Master are working. This is to ensure that there is good interaction between the former students, either for finding information, search for certain profiles or Job publications.
To access the MMIF Network you must apply for admission due to its nature of exclusive closed group of former students of the MMIF.