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Partner Institutions

The partner institutions that support internships provide the necessary component of practical learning. In this way we establish a direct line of collaboration between the academic and professional worlds, allowing us to develop and teach the latest techniques in the valuation of financial derivatives, hedging strategies and the evaluation and risk control.
The institutions that are participating in the Master of Mathematics in Finance have very good opinion of the acquired skills at the end of the course.

Credit Andorra
"Our perception is that this master adds a singular and specific value that covers, with rigor and professionalism, a space without attention until now. This master has managed to develop the link between the academic and banking worlds with particular suitability, generating a return for all with a particular interest for the future."

Crèdit Andorrà
 Banc de Sabadell
"We mainly emphasize the quantitative training and knowledge of the markets that they already have from the master courses. From our area, linked to the analysis of financial markets, we evaluate the agility that students have shown to develop assignments and willingness to address challenges associated with quantitative aspects."
Banc Sabadell
Caixa d'Enginyers
"The Master in Mathematics of Finance offers a training of enormous value to us, responding to a need for professional profiles in areas such as financial risk management, portfolio management, fund management and investment valuation financial products."
Caixa d'Enginyers
 LaCaixa / InverCaixa
"The Master students have been and hope they can continue to be one of the main elements of our teams specialized in tasks like valuation of financial instruments, quantification, monitoring and risk management. Combined expertise in the financial area and mathematical rigor, great analytical skills and strong motivation, make them very valuable in this area, very dynamic and demanding, being a safe bet for the entity."

La Caixa and InverCaixa
AXA Group
"The Financial institutions increasingly need more quantitative profiles to adapt to the new regulations and to an environment market rapidly changing and demanding. The MMIF is a program that is tailored to these needs and we believe that the internship is a key element to give an overview of the industry to students."
"The MMIF students collaborate with our annual internship capital markets. They usually have a wealth of knowledge and have good analytical skills."


Catalana de Occidente
"We are very satisfied with the level of the students who come from the Master, our company always bets for these students due  to their quantitative background."

Catalana Occident
          AIS Group

"We are very satisfied with the results. The students have demonstrated that they have extensive and solid  knowledge, 
which fit perfectly into our field of work."

AIS - Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial, S.A.