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Collaborative Mathematical Research

La Caixa Foundation
, in the frame of the agreement between La Caixa and the Catalan Government, has approved funding of the training program on Collaborative Mathematics presented by the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM).
Programme description

The aim of the program is to encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative mathematical research in the better represented interfaces in the Catalan research system, both in universities and in other centers CERCA. In the framework of this program, collaborative research is meant  "mathematical research located in an interface which purpose is the development, analysis and simulation of contextualized models, with interest beyond mathematics, contrasted by interacting with experimentalists".

The funding of this program by La Caixa allows the CRM to offer a number of doctoral and postdoctoral contracts over a period of five years starting January 2014. Each contract will be assigned to a training project on a specific topic defined jointly by a researcher in mathematics as director and a co-director from another discipline.

The program will make public announcements of these contracts during the first three years.
Proposed projects

The collaborative projects proposed in this programme will be prepared for each call by CRM research groups jointly with researchers from other institutions. The CRM groups can be consulted through the following links:

Complex Systems. Website. Current projects.
Computational and Mathematic biology. Website. Current projects.
Computational Neuroscience. Website. Current projects.
Industrial Mathematics. Website. Current projects.

The list of available projects will be updated for each call.

Eligibility criteria

The program is open to applicants from all nationalities.

Doctoral students:
- A basic requirement to be admitted to the programme is fulfilling the admission criteria of a doctorate programme in mathematics of some Catalan university when beginning the doctoral project. For more infromation see here.

- The candidates must have outstanding academic records and a good English level.

- Students that are still enrolled in bachelor or master studies can apply to the CRM call for research stays in preparation for this programme. For more information see here.
Postdoctoral researchers:
- Candidates must hold a PhD at the time of joining the programme
Contract conditions

Doctoral students:
- The doctoral students who pass the selection process will join the programme for 48 months. This includes an initial contract of 12 months renewable for a second and a third year with a gross salary of €18.000 Euros per year and for a fourth year with a gross salary of €21.473 (import a comprovar el Jordi i posar el que digui en Jordi que costa un quart any) 

- Contract renewal is subject to the positive reports emitted by the supervisor.​

- The CRM will pay the tuition cost fees for a doctoral program in mathematics at a Catalan university. Students will be given a mobility allowance for activities related to their training.
Postdoctoral researchers:
- The postdoctoral researcher contract will be renewable annually up to three years, subject to a positive evaluation of the supervisor. The gross salary will be €25,000 per year.

- Postdocs will be given a mobility allowance for activities related to their training.
Selection process

Admission to the programme is on a competitive basis. Applications will be screened initially by the CRM executive committee to ensure that they are complete and eligible. All eligible applications will be reviewed by a selection committee, which will evaluate candidates based on the following criteria:

- The candidate's academic merit and potential for successful research while at the CRM, as evidenced by their qualifications and grades, and previous research experience.

- The information given by the candidate on the application form, and in particular the motivation letter.

The selection committee will consider all the applications and select a number of candidates to be interviewed by potential supervisors and discuss their research interests. Shortlisted candidates will be selected by the Selection Committee on the basis of this personal interview.

Candidates may be allocated to a research group different from that selected by the applicant at the discretion of the Selection Committee. The final selection of candidates requires approval by the CRM scientifc committee.

Applicants will be notified of the Selection Committee's final decision by e-mail. The selection committee will also propose a reserve list as well. Successful candidates are requested to inform the CRM whether they accept or decline the offer within 1 week after being notified.
Governance and administration

The implementation of this programme will be monitored by an ad hoc Governing Committee consisting of representatives of Fundació “La Caixa" and the CRM, who will meet at least once a year.

The CRM administration will provide the necessary general support for the deployment of the programme (diffusion, contracts, interviews, organization,...).

The CRM administration will also provide administrative support in visa formalities, lodging, travel, etc. to selected applicants, if required.
Ongoing Projects
You can see the collaborative projects being  presently developed here (TBA)
How to apply

Open calls related to this programme will be announced here.