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June 11th


June 12th


June 13th


June 14th


June 15th

09:30 10:30

Block decompositions in equivariant stable homotopy

Ivo Dell'Ambrogio,​

Université de Lille

Algebraic models for rational equivariant commutative ring spectra

Magdalena Kedziorek,

Universiteit Utrecht

On a recursive notion of C-stationarity

Jan Saroch, 

Charles University




10:30 11:30

Silting objects arising from ring epimorphisms

Lidia Angeleri-Hügel, 

Università degli Studi di Verona

A motivic formalism in representation theory

Shane Kelly, 

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Proper equivariant stable homotopy theory

Stefan Schwede, 

Universität Bonn

Auslander-Bridger theory for the homotopy category of projective complexes

Yuji Yoshino, 

Okayama University

Decomposition spaces and symmetric functions

Andrew Tonks, 

University of Leicester

11:30 12:00

Coffee Break

12:00 13:00

Definable categories

Mike Prest, 

University of Manchester

The representation theory of filtered hierarchical clustering

Johann Steen, 

University of California, Santa Cruz

Towards stratification for spaces with Noetherian cohomology

Tobias Barthel, 

Københavns Universitet

Flat epimorpisms, silting theory, and universal localization

Jan Stovicek, 

Charles University

Automorphisms of fusion systems of finite simple groups

Bob Oliver, 

Université de Paris 13

13:00 14:30


14:30 15:00

Poster hanging

Poster session


Poster Session


15:00 16:00

Morita ho​motopy theory for (∞, 1) -categories and ∞-operads

Javier Gutiérrez, 

Universitat de Barcelona

Stability Conditions and Moduli Spaces of Objects in Kuznetsov Components

Martí Lahoz, 

Universitat de Barcelona


Definability and t-structures in triangulated categories

Rosanna Laking, 

Università degli Studi di Verona


16:10 17:10

Derived equivalence classification of Brauer graph algebras

Alexandra Zvoraneva, 

Universität Stuttgart

Combinatorics of faithfully balanced modules

Baptiste Rognerud, 

Universität Bielefeld


The Hochschild cohomology of twisted tensor products

Benjamin Briggs, 

University of Toronto









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