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Barcelona Computational, Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience (BARCCSYN) 2017
June 15 and 16, 2017

The BARCCSYN meeting is a forum for the computational, systems and cognitive neuroscience community​ from the Barcelona area​.

General information

Day 1: June 15 (Thursday)
Place: Auditori of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)
Carrer de Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona MAP
Day 2: June 16 (Friday)
Place: Sala Joan i Coromines, Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) 
Carrer del Carme 47, 08001 Barcelona  MAP​

There will be a prize for the best conference poster.
Gemma Guillazo UAB
Rubén Moreno-Bote ​UPF
Vicky Puig ​Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques
Alex Roxin ​CRM
Barccsyn is about bringing together researchers from computational systems and cognitive neuroscience.  Our goal is to provide a forum for lively discussion and promote active collaboration between Barcelona-based research groups, especially between theorists and experimentalists.​
This is the sixth annual Barccsyn conference.  The conference will be held on Thursday June 15th at the CCCB and on Friday June 16th at the Institute d'Estudis Catalans.  You can check the past editions here​​. 
​Keynote Speakers
Alain Destexhe​ ​CNRS
​Tatiana Pasternak ​University of Rochester
​Alexandre Pouget ​Université de Genève
Registration includes: documentation package, lunch tickets, and coffee breaks.​ 
Registration fee:  60€  
To register click on one of the Register buttons at the beginning or at the end of the page. ​ ​
Problems, concerns? Please contact the conference coordinator below. 
Registration ends June 5, 2017 (or until all available seats are filled)  
​Types of participation
Participants have the option to contribute with a talk or with a poster. The poster boards we have measure one meter wide by two meters high.  Any poster size within these limits is fine. To apply for talks and/or poster presentation please submit the following form before May 19, 2017 . Resolutions will be sent before the end of May.

 Application Form (closed)

For housing in the area please check our suggestions web page here​ ​
​Further information
For further information please contact the conference coordinator Núria Hernandez (​).