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CRM > English > Activities > Curs 2015-2016 > European Study group with Industry: ESGI 2016
European Study group with Industry: ESGI 2016
General Information

Dates: January 25 to 29, 2016


Timetable (updated on January 15th)

We are pleased to announce that the 115th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) will be held at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Barcelona on the 25th-29th January 2016.


ESGIs are week-long problem solving workshops which provide a unique opportunity for industrial scientists to work alongside academic mathematicians on problems of direct industrial relevance. The ESGIs first started in Oxford in 1968, there are now 5-7 meetings held annually in different European countries as well as many others throughout the world. They are an internationally recognised method of technology transfer between academic mathematicians and industry.


At the meeting in Barcelona we expect to work on 3-4 problems, employing the expertise of 20-30 academics. There will be a limited number of grants for PhD and post-doctoral fellows to attend. For any enquiries please contact a member of the organising committee listed below.



Further information on study groups in general (their format, benefits, goals etc) may be found at the Math in Industry website: It also contains a repository of the reports on the problems from many of these meetings.

Organising Committee

Tim Myers, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (

Joan Solà-Morales, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (

Maria Aguareles, Universitat de Girona (

Marta Pellicer, Universitat de Girona (

Ernest Benedito, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, (

Àlex Haro, Universitat de Barcelona, (

Carlos Vázquez-Cendón, Universidade da Coruña, (


Scientific Advisory Committee

Tim Myers, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (

Marta Pellicer, Universitat de Girona (

Maria Aguareles, Universitat de Girona (

Jordi Castro, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (

Carlos Vázquez-Cendón, Universidade da Coruña, (​

Andrei Korobeinikov, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (​)

Grants available 
A limited number of grants for PhD and post-docs are available.​ For further information please contact Prof. Tim Myers or send a CV to Ms. Núria Hernandez (
Deadline to apply for grants: November 29, 2015

Resolution to the grants will be sent before December 18th, 2015.
Information for companies
If you believe that your company can gain from participating in the ESGI then please contact one of the organisers.


For this initial Spanish meeting there will be no charge for companies attending the meeting.​

Confidentially agreement: Participants in each of the working groups have to sign a confidentiality agreement (in the case of companies request it)


Information for academics ​
If you would like to participate in the study group please fill in the registration form.
Registration is free. However, it is necessary to register before the deadline. Please, use the buttons on this page to do so
(Once you get to the registration page just SAVE DATA to be registered).
Deadline for registration: January 7, 2016 
Registration includes: Documentation package, coffee breaks, and lunches
Lodging information
For lodging in the area please click here​
For off-campus and family accommodation click here​​​​
Contact information
If you would like any further information then please contact Ms. Núria Hernandez ( or the organizers.​


The 115 ESGI is funded by EU COST Action MI-Net (Maths for Industry Network), the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics, Math-In Red Española Matemática-Industria, Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques​Universitat de Girona Càtedra Lluís Santaló​