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Articles in peer-review journals

66. Vidiella B,. Valverde S., Fontich E., Sardanyés  J. Transients in simple trophic chains with facilitation: the impact of habitat destruction. Submitted

65. Solé R., Sardanyés J., Elena S.F. Phase transitions in Virology. Submitted

64. Penella C., Alarcón T., Sardanyés, J. Spatio-temporal dynamics of cancer phenotypic quasispecies under targeted therapy. Submitted

63. Perona J, Fontich E, Sardanyés  J. Dynamical effects of loss of cooperation in discrete-time hypercycles. Submitted

62. Zaldo Q., Serra I., Alsedà Ll., Sardanyés J., Maneja R. Land use and land cover data assessing the impact of the environment on human health: A critical review. Submitted

61. Vidiella B,. Sardanyés  J., Solé R. Synthetic soil crusts against green-desert transitions: a spatial model. Submitted
60. Nurtay A., Hennessy MG., Alsedà Ll,. Elena SF., Sardanyés J., Host-virus evolutionary dynamics with specialist and generalist infection strategies: bifurcations, bistability and chaos. Submitted

59. Alsedà Ll., Vidiella B., Solé R., Lázaro J.T, Sardanyés J. Dynamics in a time-discrete food-chain model with strong pressure on preysSubmitted

58. Sardanyés J., Solé, R. Habitat loss-induced tipping points in metapopulations with facilitation​. Population Ecology 1-14 (2019)

57. Sardanyés J., Viruses: Agents of evolutionary inventionViruses: Agents of evolutionary inventionThe Quarterly Review of Biology 94(1): 90-91 (2019)

56. Nurtay A., Hennessy MG., Sardanyés J., Alsedà L.. Elena, SF., Theoretical conditions for the coexistence of viral strains with differences in phenotypic traits: a bifurcation analysis​Royal Society Open Science 6: 181179 (2019)
55. Fornés J., Lázaro J.T., Alarcón T., Elena S.F., Sardanyés J., Viral replication modes in single-peak fitness landscapes: A dynamical systems analysisJournal of Theoretical Biology 460: 170-183 (2019)
54. Gimeno J., Jorba À., Sardanyés J., On the effect of time lags on a saddle-node remnant in hyperbolic replicatorsJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51(38): 385601 (2018) 

53. Corral À., Sardanyés J., Alsedà Ll., Finite-time scaling in local bifurcations. Scientific Reports 8:11783​ (2018)
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50. Sardanyés J., Arderiu A., Elena S.F., Alarcón T., Noise-induced bistability in the quasineutral coexistence of viral RNA under different replication modes. ​Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15: 20180129 (2018)​​

49. Puig J., Farré G.,  Guillamon A., Fontich E., Sardanyés J., Bifurcation gaps in asymmetric and high-dimensional hypercyclesInternational Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 28(1): 1-17 (2018) 
48. Duarte J., Januário C., Martins N., Correia-Ramos C., Rodrigues C., Sardanyés J., Optimal homotopy analysis of a chaotic HIV-1 model incorporating AIDS-related cancer cells​Numerical Algorithms 77(1): 261-288 (2018)
47. Sardanyés J., Alarcón T., Noise-induced bistability in the fate of cancer phenotypic quasispcies: a bit-strings approach​Scientific Reports 8:1027 (2018)​ 

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45. Farré G., Sardanyés J., Guillamon A., Fontich E., Coexistence stability in a four-member hypercycle with error tail through center manifold analysisNonlinear Dynamics 90(3): 1873-1883 (2017) 

44. Sardanyés J., Martínez R., Simó C., Solé R., Abrupt transitions to tumor extinction: A phenotypic quasispecies model​. Journal of Mathematical Biology 74(7): 1589-1609 (2017)​

43. Sardanyés J., Lázaro J.T., Guillamon A., Fontich E., Full analysis of small hypercycles with short-circuits in prebiotic evolution​Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 347: 90-108 (2017)

42. Castillo V., Lázaro J.T., Sardanyés J., Dynamics and bifurcations in a simple quasispecies model of tumorigenesis. Computational and Applied Mathematics 36: 415-431 (2017)

41. Willemsen A., Zwart M.P., Higueras P., Sardanyés J., Elena S.F., Predicting the stability of homologous gene duplications in a plant RNA virus. Genome Biology and Evolution 8(9): 3065-3082 (2016) 

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34. Solé R.V., Valverde S., Rodriguez-Caso, C. Sardanyés J., Can a minimal replicating construct be identified as the embodiment of cancer? Bioessays 36: 503-512 (2014) This paper was featured in Bioessays.

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Book chapters

5. Vidiella B., Lázaro JT., Alsedà Ll., Sardanyés J., On dynamics and invariant sets in predator-prey maps. Book chapter. Ed. IntechOpen. Accepted (2019)

4. Solé R.V., Sardanyés J.,  Red Queen Coevolution on Fitness Landscapes, in Recent Advances in the Theory and Applications of Fitness Landscapes, (eds. Zelinka, I., Adamatzky, A., Chen, G.). Springer (2013)

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