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Pressure Jumps during Drainage in Macroporous Soils,

D. Soto, M. Paradelo, A. Corral, and J. E. L. Periago, Vadose Zone J. 16. doi:10.2136/vzj2017.04.0088.

A. Corral and F. Font-Clos, Physical Review E 96, 022318 (2017).


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Avalanches and force drops in displacement-driven compression of porous glasses,

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Exact Derivation of a Finite-Size Scaling Law and Corrections to Scaling in the Geometric Galton-Watson Process,

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Large-Scale Analysis of Zipf's Law in English Texts,

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Ranking and significance of variable-length similarity-based time series motifs,

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Lake Tutira paleoseismic record confirms random, moderate to major and/or great Hawke's Bay (New Zealand) earthquakes,

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Log-Log Convexity of Type-Token Growth in Zipf's Systems,

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Scaling in the timing of extreme events,

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Zipf's Law for Word Frequencies: Word Forms versus Lemmas in Long Texts,

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Processos de ramificació, criticitat i autoorganització: aplicació als desastres naturals,
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Scale invariant events and dry spells for medium-resolution local rain data,
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Reply to "Comment on 'A Scaling law beyond Zipf's law and its relation to Heaps' law'",
F. Font-Clos and A. CorralarXiv:1405.0207 (2014).

Statistical similarity between the compression of a porous material and earthquakes,
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Power-law Distribution in Encoded MFCC Frames of Speech, Music, and Environmental Sound Signals,
M. Haro, J. Serrà, A. Corral and P. Herrera,
Proc. Int. World Wide Web Conf., Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research (AdMIRe), Lyon, France (2012).

Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music,
Joan Serrà, Álvaro Corral, Marián Boguñá, Martín Haro and Josep Ll. Arcos, Sci. Rep. 2, 521 (2012). (pdf)

Zipf’s Law in Short-Time Timbral Codings of Speech, Music, and Environmental Sound Signals,
Martín Haro, Joan Serrà, Perfecto Herrera and Álvaro Corral, PLoS ONE 7, e33993 (2012). (pdf)

Variability of North Atlantic Hurricanes: Seasonal versus Individual-event Features,
Álvaro Corral and Antonio Turiel, Extreme Events and Natural Hazards: The Complexity Perspective,
edited by A. S. Sharma, A. Bunde, V. P. Dimri and D. N. Baker. 
Geophysical Monograph Series 196, 111-125 (2012). (pdf)

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Hurricanes as weatherquakes and their response to climate change,
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Universality of rain event size distributions,
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Tropical Cyclones as a Critical Phenomenon,
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Point-occurrence self-similarity in crackling-noise systems and in other complex systems,
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Scaling and Universality in the Dynamics of Seismic Occurrence and Beyond,
Alvaro Corral, in Acoustic Emission and Critical Phenomena,
edited by A. Carpinteri and G. Lacidogna, Taylor and Francis,
London, p. 225-244 (2008). ISBN: 978-0-415-45082-9
(pdf)  Errata!

Scaling and correlations in the dynamics of forest-fire occurrence,
Alvaro Corral, Luciano Telesca, and Rosa Lasaponara Phys. Rev. E 77, 016101 (2008). (pdf)

Structure of earthquake occurrence in space, time and magnitude,
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Física Estadística dels Fenòmens Catastròfics,
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. (pdf)

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Statistical Features of Earthquake Temporal Occurrence,
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ISBN: 978-3-540-35373-7
. (pdf)

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Time-decreasing hazard and increasing time until the next earthquake,
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