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Research Staff
Personal ImageAlarcón Cor, TomásPrincipal InvestigatorComputational & Mathematical Biology (PI)
Personal ImageBaró Urbea, JordiPostdoctoral ResearcherComplex Systems
Personal ImageCalvo Schwarzwälder, MarcPhD StudentIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageCanela Sánchez, JordiPostdoctoral ResearcherSantander Postdoctoral Fellow
Personal ImageCantier , LaurentPhD StudentAlgebra
Personal ImageCorral , AlvaroPrincipal InvestigatorComplex Systems (PI)
Personal ImageCsato , GyulaPostdoctoral ResearcherPartial Differential Equations
Personal ImageDabrowski , DamianPhD StudentAnalysis
Personal ImageDevalle , FedericoPostdoctoral ResearcherComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageDuarte , GladstonPhD StudentDynamical Systems
Personal ImageEsnaola Acebes, Jose MariPostdoctoral ResearcherComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageFanelli , ClaudiaPhD StudentIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageFelipe Navarro, Juan CarlosPhD StudentPartial Differential Equations
Personal ImageFiz Pontiveros, GonzaloPostdoctoral ResearcherDiscrete Mathematics
Personal ImageFont Martínez, FrancescPostdoctoral ResearcherIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageGarrote López, MarinaPhD StudentGeometry
Personal ImageGimeno , JoanPhD StudentDynamical Systems
Personal ImageGonzález Gómez, ÁlvaroPostdoctoral ResearcherComplex Systems
Personal ImageHyafil , AlexandrePrincipal InvestigatorComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageKauranen , AapoPostdoctoral ResearcherAnalysis
Personal ImageLeitao Rodriguez, AlvaroPostdoctoral ResearcherModelling
Personal ImageMendez Mora, Lourdes ElviraPhD StudentComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageMirza , WaleedPhD StudentMathematical Modelling
Personal ImageMyers , Timothy G.Principal InvestigatorIndustrial Mathematics (PI)
Personal ImageNavas Portella, VíctorPhD StudentComplex Systems
Personal ImageOneto , AlessandroPostdoctoral ResearcherGeometry
Personal ImageParedes Fierro, PatriciaPhD StudentComplex Systems
Personal ImagePollán Hauer, NicolásPhD StudentComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImagePrat , GenisPhD StudentComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImagePrecht , SunePostdoctoral ResearcherTopology
Personal ImagePuliatti , CarmeloPhD StudentAnalysis
Personal ImageRojas , AndresPhD StudentAlgebraic Geometry
Personal ImageRovira Olivé, BernatPhD StudentComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageRoxin , AlexPrincipal InvestigatorComputational Neuroscience (PI)
Personal ImageRoy , MallikaPhD StudentAnalysis / PDEs
Personal ImageSáez Calvo, CarlosPhD StudentGeometry
Personal ImageSalazar Ciudad, IsaacPrincipal InvestigatorMathematics of development and evolution (PI)
Personal ImageSanz Perela, TomásPhD StudentPartial Differential Equations
Personal ImageSardanyés Cayuela, JosepPrincipal InvestigatorNonlinear Dynamics and Evolution Laboratory (PI)
Personal ImageStepanova , DariaPhD StudentComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageStewart , TravisPhD StudentComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageTikhonov , SergeyPrincipal InvestigatorHarmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory (PI)
Personal ImageTodorov , DmitriiPostdoctoral ResearcherComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageVila Perez, JordiPhD StudentModelling
Personal ImageWimmer , KlausPrincipal InvestigatorComputational Neuroscience (PI)
Personal ImageWötzel , MaximilianPhD StudentDiscrete Mathematics