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Research Staff
Personal ImageAlarcón Cor, TomásComputational & Mathematical Biology (PI)
Personal ImageAllard , AntoineComplex Systems
Personal ImageBeltrán Sáez, ElisaComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageCalvo Schwarzwälder, MarcIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageColldeforns Papiol, GemmaLa Caixa Foundation PhD fellow
Personal ImageCorral , AlvaroComplex Systems (PI)
Personal ImageDebernardi Pinos, AlbertoHarmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory
Personal ImageFolguera Blasco, NuriaComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageHennessy , MatthewIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageKorobeinikov , AndreiMathematical Epidemiology (PI)
Personal ImageMyers , Timothy G.Industrial Mathematics (PI)
Personal ImageNurtay , Anella Caixa Foundation PhD fellow
Personal ImageParedes Fierro, PatriciaComplex Systems
Personal ImagePrat , GenisComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageRibera Ponsa, HelenaIndustrial Mathematics
Personal ImageRovira Olivé, BernatComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageRoxin , AlexComputational Neuroscience (PI)
Personal ImageSardanyés Cayuela, JosepComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageStepanova , DariaComputational & Mathematical Biology
Personal ImageTikhonov , SergeyHarmonic Analysis and Approximation Theory (PI)
Personal ImageVegué Llorente, MarinaComputational Neuroscience
Personal ImageWimmer , KlausComputational Neuroscience