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Present & Forthcoming Visitors

You will find here the list of visitors presently hosted by CRM (or arriving in the next two weeks) through its different visiting programmes.

Name Institution Programme
Starting Date
Select a date from the calendar.
Ending date
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NameInstitutionProgrammeStarting DateEnding Date
Alfredo Hernández CavieresUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaInternship Programme01/02/201715/09/2018
Antoine Allard InstitucióAntoine Allard InstitucióRecerca Matemàtica Col·laborativa01/06/201730/05/2019
Ramon Tous FernándezUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaInternship Programme01/10/201730/09/2018
Thaís JordaoUniversidade de São PauloContracte Programa 2015/2016/2017/201811/11/201710/11/2018
Ruth KristianingsihUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaInternship Programme01/04/201831/08/2018
Barry IyareSamuel Adegboyega UniversityInternship Programme01/08/201831/08/2018
Antonio GarciaUniversidad Autonoma de MexicoFollow Up:Central Configurations,Periodic Orbits..31/08/201815/09/2018
Xiang ZhangShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityFollow Up:Central Configurations,Periodic Orbits..31/08/201830/09/2018
Amadeu DelshamsUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaFollow Up:Central Configurations,Periodic Orbits..01/09/201816/10/2018
Carolina Martínez StrasserUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaInternship Programme01/09/201830/09/2018
Cristina StoicaWilfrid Laurier UniversityFollow Up:Central Configurations,Periodic Orbits..01/09/201815/09/2018
J.Tomás LázaroUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya 01/09/201831/12/2018
Claudio Vidal DiazUniversidad del Bío BíoFollow Up:Central Configurations,Periodic Orbits..02/09/201815/09/2018