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SEMINAR: Spatial Effects Arising from Multi-Scale Stochastic Dynamics

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April 19, 2023

🕒 12h

📌Aula Petita del CRM


In this talk I will explore some interesting features that can arise within reaction networks which are stochastic and spatial. I will present a useful measure-valued framework for modelling stochastic networks with spatial heterogeneity. In this model reactions rates at a spatial location are proportional to the mass of different species present locally, and to a location specific chemical rate that is allowed to be a function of the local or global mass of different species. I will explain the benefit of the framework in establishing approximation limits that exploit multi-scale aspects of the system. Some interesting features arise from spatial heterogeneity that can be explored, I will mention an example of protein production with spatially dependent transcription and translation rates where noisy oscillations are sustained by a time delay caused by spatial arrangements.


Lea Popovic

Lea Popovic

Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

I am a professor at Concordia University in Montreal. I was a postdoc at Cornell University and at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. I received my PhD from the University of California Berkeley and an Hon BSc degree from the University of Toronto.