Position Associate Professor at UPC
Research interests Combinatorics
Area Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science
Perarnau, Guillem

I did my degree in Mathematics and a master in Applied Mathematics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). In 2013 I defended my PhD Thesis at UPC under the supervision of Oriol Serra. From 2013 to 2015 I had the opportunity to be a CARP Postdoc Fellow at McGill University, working with Bruce Reed and Louigi Addario-Berry. From 2016 to 2019 I was a Lecturer in the Combinatorics, Probability and Algorithms group at the University of Birmingham. Since 2019 I am an Associate Professor in GAPCOMB at UPC

My main interests are in Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics, Random Combinatorial Structures and the analysis of Randomized Algorithms.

Other Research Interests
  • Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics
  • Random Combinatorial Structures
  • Analysis of Randomized Algorithms
Selected publications
  • L. Dubois, G. Joret, G. Perarnau, M. Pilipczuk and F. Pitois. Two lower bounds for p-centered colorings. Accepted at DMTCS. Preprint.
  • M. Bonamy, N. Bousquet and G. Perarnau. Frozen (Δ+1)-colourings of bounded degree graphs. Combinatorics, Probability and Computation. Preprint.
  • M. Delcourt, M. Heinrich and G. Perarnau. The Glauber dynamics for edges colourings of trees. Random Structures & Algorithms 57(4):1050-1076, 2020.
  • M. Coulson and G. Perarnau. A Rainbow Dirac theorem. SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics 34(3):1670-1692, 2020. Preprint.
  • L. Addario-Berry, B. Balle and G. Perarnau. Diameter and Stationary Distribution of Random r-out Digraphs. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 27(3) P3.28, 2020. Preprint.
  • G. Chapuy and G. Perarnau. On the number of coloured triangulations of d-manifolds. Discrete & Computational Geometry, 2020, Preprint.