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Masterclass Outreach BGSMath: How to speak about mathematics to broad audiences

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March 06, 2023

🕒 10:30

📌 CRM Auditorium

 Registration will close today March 3 at 12:00h

Registration deadline 02 / 03 / 2023


To speak about science to broad audience means being able to connect a certain content to a certain audience. We will explore some general techniques to stablish this connection in different ways. We will give practical advice, study some examples and address the main issues one faces when trying to communicate science or math.

This talk is aimed at PhD and Postdoctoral researchers.


Eduardo Saénz de Cabezón

Eduardo Saénz de Cabezón

Universidad de La Rioja

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón is a Spanish mathematician, and professor of computer languages and systems at the Universidad de La Rioja since 2001. He is a recognized specialist in scientific monologues. He develops his research in the area of computational algebra, to which he has contributed 25 research publications and collaborations with Spanish and European mathematicians such as Henry P. Wynn.

Cabezón is also known for disseminating mathematics through conferences, shows and talks for people of all ages around the world. He was the winner of competition for scientific monologues at Famelab Spain (2013) and at the Aquae Foundation (2014), also becoming a finalist at the Cheltenham Science Festival (United Kingdom). He is a founding member of BigVan, author of the book “Mathematical Intelligence” (Plataforma Editorial) and collaborator at the La Ventana radio show (SER). The best known of his talks is “Math is forever” which has been seen by almost a million and a half people at TED. You can see him talking about mates on his YouTube channel Derivando.


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