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Temporary call
Deadline March 31, 2023

The Mathematical & Computational Biology group at the CRM is looking for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematical Modelling of Epigenetic Regulation to join the project Heterogeneity and noise as engines OF cancer evolution: A multiscale dynamical systems approach (HENOCANDYN). This contract is envisaged to start in September 1st 2023 and will last until August 31st 2025.

Applications will be accepted until March 31st 2023.


  • Taking into account the known feedbacks between the activities of the different epigenetic modifiers, we will analyze the conditions for the emergence of rugged (functional) epigenetic landscapes. We will pay special attention to the conditions on the interaction matrix arising from the chromatin 3D structure, which can be obtained experimentally by means of HiC-seq data.
  • Use dimension reduction methodology to produce low-dimensional descriptions of the epigenetic landscapes models to analyze the effects of heterogeneous metabolic cofactors and intrinsic noise on the global transitions affecting the ELs in cancer and ageing
  • Use the above models to predict, in the presence of heterogeneity and noise, the ability of metabolic modifiers (NAD boosters, metformin, etc.) to restore functionality to eroded Els. We will also investigate these issues in the context of ageing and DNA damage under low radiation conditions using the resources of the ICTS at “Laboratorio Subterraneo de Canfranc” (LSC)


  • Candidates should have (or be close to obtaining) a PhD in Mathematics, Physics, or a related discipline with a strong mathematical background.
  • An interest in multidisciplinary research is essential
  • Expertise in applied dynamical systems, stochastic processes, and/or statistical mechanics, including numerics and simulation.


  • Publication record
  • Fluency in english and communication skills
  • Capacity to work as part an interdisciplinary team


  • Expected starting date: 01/09/2023
  • Duration of the contract until 31/08/2025
  • Salary as established by collective agreement


The selection process will be evaluated by the CRM Director or the CRM deputy director, Profs. Tomas Alarcon and Josep Sardanyes, as principal investigators of the project, and Prof. Helen Byrne, University of Oxford, as a collaborator in the project. This process consists in:

1) Admission of candidates: applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and a cover letter​ by email at, as well as address scientific enquiries to, until 31/03/2023, indicating the reference code of the offer. The requests referred from another portal, other than the CRM job offers section and the instructions contained therein, will not be accepted.

2) Shortlist: assessment of the fulfilment of the minimum requirements of the offer.

3) Selection: evaluation of the shortlisted candidates by a total score according to objective criteria.

4) Final decision: If we find the right person, the resolution will be formally communicated and will be published in the CRM careers section.