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Lluis Santaló

Permanent call
Deadline March 26, 2023


Lluís Santaló (Girona 1911, Buenos Aires 2001) carried out his most notable mathematical research in the field of Integral Geometry, an area of which he was a founder and one of the main contributors. He was a student of Wilhelm Blaschke in Hamburg. He then served in the republican army during the Spanish civil war and emigrated to Argentina in 1939. After ten years in Rosario he established himself in Buenos Aires, where he helped the development of mathematical research and became a reference for a whole generation of Argentina mathematicians. He was also very committed to mathematical education and the dissemination of mathematics in society.



In memory of Lluís Santaló, the CRM has created a visiting position bearing his name, specifically addressed to mathematical researchers affiliated to Latin American institutions. The local host must have a position in a Catalan university or in a Catalan research institution for the entire proposed duration of the research programme.



o   The position is offered for a visit of a maximum period of THREE MONTHS, either from September to December 2024 or from January to June 2025.

o   Visitors are required to deliver a talk or mini-course with a short introduction to their research area during their stay at CRM.

o   It will be greatly appreciated that Lluís Santaló visitors provide written result of the research developed in form of a paper published in a peer reviewed journal or a contribution to one of the CRM collections.

o   Support for medical insurance is required but not provided by the CRM. However, the centre will collaborate by providing the necessary documentation for its processing.


Call details

The position includes accommodation and a monthly allowance of 1.500 euros (before taxes).


Evaluation process:

To apply to the call use the REGISTER yellow button at the top-left corner of the call. In the application form you will need to attach the following documents:

o    Expression of interest

o    Curriculum vitae

o    Brief research plan to develop at the CRM

o    A letter of acceptance from the host researcher or group



Application Deadline: February 29, 2024

Announcement of the call results: Selected candidates will be contacted by the begining of May 2024.


List of former visitors

2011 Santiago López                                                                     Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México                                    
2012 Roland Rabanal Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú
2013 Renato Calleja Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2014 Deborah Oliveros Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2015 No candidates were offered the position  
2016 Jorge Antezana Universidad Nacional de La Plata
2017 Victor Francisco Sirvent Universidad Simón Bolívar
2018 Matías del Hoyo Universidade Federal Fluminense
2019 Stefanella Boato Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro
2020 Renato Calleja Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2021 Georg Biedermann Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla
2021 Alejandro Cabrera Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro
2022 Luis Núñez-Betancourt Centro de investigación en Matemáticas, Mexico
2023 Dieter Mitsche Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile


 If you have any questions about the call or the application process, please contact us at