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CRM Internship Programme

Permanent call

Bachelor and master students can enjoy an internship to collaborate with any of the research groups or investigators affiliated to the CRM (see

If you are interested in an internship, please directly contact a CRM investigator and after agreeing fill the form of the internship. If the internship does not ask for financial support (Program 0), you will receive an answer in 15 days. From that moment, it will be necessary to manage the signature of an agreement between all parts (the student institution and the CRM) to be able to start the internship. 

Moreover, the CRM has a permanent call for partially supported internships with three different programs:

Program 1: Inter-Area or Inter-Group Research Internship: master's students with a Final Master Thesis Degree project involving more than one director from different areas or research groups with at least one of them affiliated to the CRM.

Program 2: High interest Final Bachelor or Master Thesis Degree program: bachelor and master students who want to do their Final Bachelor or Master Thesis advised by a researcher affiliated to the CRM.

Program 3: High interest research practices: practices advised by a researcher affiliated to the CRM.

The duration of an internship is typically between 2 and 6 months (maximum 9 months).

Selected students will get:

800 Euros in Program 1 and 500 Euros in Programs 2 and 3 of total financial support.
Free registration to activities organized by the CRM during the internship.

*Applicants who are already in receipt of a grant from the state or another institution will not be eligible for financial support from the CRM.

*The internship will not be able to start until the agreement between the parties will be signed.

Next deadlines:

September 15, 2024

Candidates interested in this call should contact a researcher and, after agreeing the collaboration, fill the form which includes the following data and documentation:

  • Information about the candidate when registering to the CRM.
  • Program number.
  • Bachelor or Master Studies.
  • Average score (bachelor / master).
  • Period of stay.
  • Name of the avisor/s (at least one of them affiliated to the CRM).
  • Name and email of the academic tutor who sends the reference letter.
  • CV (PDF format).
  • Motivation letter (PDF format).
  • Academic records (PDF format).
  • Acceptance letter by the investigator/s (model letter) (PDF format).

In addition, the future advisor (the CRM researcher) can send a letter of interest to, before the call deadline.

Applications will be answered at latest in one month after deadline.