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BGSMath Training for PhD Candidates | Writing Scientific Articles

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BGSMath Activity
March 21, 2023

🕒 11:00 - 13:00

📍 Aula T1 | Facultat de Matemàtiques i Informàtica - UB

Registration deadline 19 / 03 / 2023

Organizing and structuring a scientific article


In this talk we will discuss about writing and publishing mathematical articles: from the initial steps of designing an article to considerations on submitting the final paper. 

Marc Noy

Marc Noy

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - CRM

I am Professor at the Department of Mathematics in Barcelona at UPC, the Technical University of Catalonia. I am affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics, where I do most of my teaching, and with the Barcelona Graduate School in Mathematics (BGSMath), of which I am currently the Director. I was also head of the 2015-2019 Excellence program BGSMath/María de Maeztu.

My research interests are in the area of Combinatorics and Graph Theory, in particular asymptotic enumeration and random graphs. I am also interested in discrete geometry and Tutte polynomials. Here is a short CV. Additional information can be found here.

I am in the editorial board of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and the Bulletin of the Catalan Mathematical Society (in Catalan).

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