22. Imagining what was there: looking at an absent offer location modulates neural responses in OFCDemetrio Ferro
23. Deep imagination is a Close Optimal Policy for Planning in Decision Trees under Limited Resources – Chiara Mastrogiuseppe
24. Dynamics of top-down feedback axons during wakefulness and sleepPedro Mateos Aparicio
25. Neural correlates of multi-timescale behavior – Manuel Molano-Mazón
26. Phasic Activation of Dorsal Raphe Serotonergic Neurons Increases Pupil Size – João Morais
27. You don’t always forget: Mechanisms underlying working memory lapses – Tiffany Oña-Jodar
28. Forced synchronization of Neural Populations for Communication Through Coherence – Michael Orieux
29. The Role of Excitatory-Inhibitory Homeostasis in the Recovery of Functional Connectivity after Focal Lesion – A Computational Account – Francisco Páscoa dos Santos
30. High metacognitive efficiency reverses the negative effect of confirmation bias in repeated perceptual decision-making tasks – Alexis Pérez-Bellido
31. How phase resetting curves influence excitation-inhibition-based synchronization – Pau Pomés
32. Adaptive plasticity in the healthy reading network investigated through combined neurostimulation and neuroimaging – Franz Schmid
33. Response biases in a visuospatial delayed response task – Balma Serrano Porcar
34. Relating local connectivity and global dynamics through low-rank structure in excitatory-inhibitory networks – Yuxiu Shao
35. Impact of linguistic rhythm on brain activity in populations of different native language – Silvana Silva Pereira
36. Neural Correlates of Binocular Rivalry – Melina Timplalexi
37. Dynamics of interhemispheric prefrontal coordination in working memory – Melanie Tschiersch
38. Consistency or fluctuation? How humans manage limited search capacity over consecutive uncertain choicesAlice Vidal
39. State and context-dependent decision making in C. elegans – Maria Sol Vidal-Saez
40. Comparing connectivity-based and power-based biomarkers of epileptogenic activity with intracranial EEGManel Vila-Vidal
41. Dynamic sensitivity analysis: Assessing brain state transitions via whole brain modellingJakub Vohryzek
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